Youth Sports Issue Analysis

Many injuries are a result in this action. How can these accidents be controlled and prevented is the question asked by many? No real solution has been created and enforced order to organize this youth sports issue. In order to fix the problem of youth sports the government should completely end youth sports, invest more money into better protective gear for all youth, or re-create the rules for all youth organized sports programs. Each year emergency services treat 135,000 concussion and head injuries (A Game Plan on Minimizing Concussion Risks, from One Who Knows All… ).

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All sports have a sis even though most sports are not full contact sports. All sports require hard work and constantly work all muscles. This is why sprains and strains lead all injuries. There is still always a risk for an overuse or a misuse injury. Everyone is not well informed and can be misusing a muscle or overusing it. This can cause an injury quickly. The highest rates of injury occur in sports that involve contact and collisions. More severe injuries occur during individual sports and recreational activities. Most organized sports-related injuries occur during practice (Sports Injury Statistics).

Even Hough there are many downfalls to youths participating in sports, there are many pros to this. Obesity is down 60% due mainly due to youths eating healthier and participating in organized sports activities. Also, every year 40,000,000 high school students wish to receive scholarships to participate in college sports and move onto the next level (Promise of Youth Sports Can Come at a Steep Cost). The end result for everyone is to move to the next level. Many athletes are reaching the skill level of an average college player while in high school and gaining the skill level to easily play college sports.

This is causing high school sports to soon look like college sports. Due to the level of competition it’s making parent’s push sports and aggression on their kids at an early age Some athletes don’t really want to do the sport that they are playing but have been forced onto it by their parent’s. Some kids believe that sports aren’t even fun anymore (CDC Finds 60 Percent Increase in Youth Athletes Treated for Tabs. ). Parent’s on the sideline cheering are hyper and cause some children to be nervous. They are criticized when they play badly. This causes them to lose confidence and not want to play.

Children also are tough to be tough and shake off a big hit or any pain. Also people may call them soft or weak if they want to sit out Pee Wee Game Brings Penalties for the Adults. ). Coaches are also a big problem in youth sports. Harmless kids are being hurt intentionally to coaches persuading big hits. They are paying kids for big hits in various sports. These incentives are causing more injuries and corruption in the system (Pop Warner Probes ‘Bounties’). The biggest issue is publicity given to youths. This is causing them to focus more on being televised than learning about the game and building your skills.

Americans live in a culture that demands everyone and everything to be ranked. This is bad and causes athletes to get really caught up in that. Pee wee football has been televised on national TV. Thus giving too much publicity to little kids. This can motivate others to work harder to be like them or make some quit because they’re not like them. But only few can be televised. Pee Wee football also had a playoff that many people disagree with, causing everyone to chase a championship. Every league has a champion and every team wants to meet them and try to beat “the champ”, so they an feel like they are number one (Whoso No. ). This is making the game less fun and its more about winning, fewer athletes get a chance to play and sit on the bench all game. Even in recreational athletics where everyone is supposed to play, there are many corrupt systems. Coaches cheating to get any player breaking the rules to receive a championship and bragging rights within the community recreation center. In the modern day a person can witness a recreation team go undefeated, but this shouldn’t happen if each coach was an even opportunity to get the players they want o build a good team.

There is a lot of corruption in many systems because this happens in many instances all over the country. There also good things that come with sports. Sports require discipline, good grades, and obedience. Many children develop these skills and make them habits. For example, with any sports athletes have to eat healthy, this will no longer be a diet but a lifestyle if they are committed to the sport. Eating healthy, in the long run will help that person because they’re adjusted to eating healthy. Also, many students have bad grades. If the wish to come student athletes they must actually try in school.

Trying their hardest in school will help them get a good GAP and hopefully get accepted in various colleges across the country. Participating in sports can also teach obedience and respect. Athletes have a trainer or coach that they must respect and listen in order to achieve. This skill will most likely lead on into the adult world. Building habits in using phrases like “yes ma’am” or “yes sir. ” These values can be learned to keep young men off the street and give and them some structure and values to practice (Taking a Jab t Keeping Youths Out of Trouble).

One alternative to this problem is to get rid of organized youth sports until the age of 11 because before that, they can’t handle the stresses of winning, losing, and being measured and scored on their performance (When Should Kids Start Competitive Sports? ). This would help bones to develop a little more before they are put at risk. This wouldn’t stop kids from practicing the sport or learning about it but just playing in an organized sport, exposing them to corrupt coaches and dirty players. This can help them stay safe but still have the chance to develop their skills.

Parent’s that want the best for their children will really like this idea. Also, children will like this idea because young children usually don’t want to play the sport and are want to play if they want to play anything at all. Some parent’s would really dislike this idea. Some parent’s plan for their children to play certain sports and when they are young teach them to like that sport. This idea would not be liked by colleges. This idea would make college athletes worse because the earlier the child starts the better they are at a sport.

This would cause there to be few elite athletes and many alleges stuck looking for a good athletes to compete. Children ages 5 to 14 years account for nearly 40 percent of all sports-related injuries treated in hospital emergency departments (Sports Injury Statistics). This shows that about 10 or 1 1 would be a good age to start sports. The younger ages get a lot more injuries and waiting would save the career and lives or many youth. The National Alliance for Youth Sports would approve of this alternative. Their goal is to make sports and activities safe (National Alliance for Youth Sports).

Increasing the age that athletes an start playing these sports organized would make sports a lot safer overall. Increasing the age to 1 1 would decrease the chance of developing most injuries; especially overuse injuries so that a youth athlete doesn’t get too focused on one position or sport (When Should Kids Start Competitive Sports? ). Another alternative for this issue could be investing in better protective gear for all sports. Also, teaching kids a safe way to play the sport. For example in track, better spikes and training shoes could be purchased.

In basketball, shoes that better protect ankles could be obtained. In football, lacrosse, and other contact sports a player could get better pads and helmets to reduce the pain and chance of head injuries when struck. The government needs to fund more youth sports programs all over the country. Tax money could be requested to fund these programs. Also parent’s would need to step up and pay a little more of a fee for their child’s safety. This would prevent injuries like head injuries, the most serious, and would help children be taught safer method and get used to them.

This could help them adapt to these and make it a habit. The poorer families would have an issue with this. This would cause families of good athletes but low income to not have an even chance of their child getting a scholarship to college because of the gear that they can’t afford (Promise of Youth Sports Can Come at a Steep Cost). The state and taxpayers probably wouldn’t like this idea either. If the state will be asked for more money to provide for youth sports, then the states would ask the tax payers for the money. Some people would argue that their children are okay and some won’t want to pay the money.

Families of children with a high income would greatly appreciate this because, to some of them, a little extra money to better prevent injuries to their children is a very good cause to put their money to. The interest group Youth Sports Special Interest Group (GIG) would like this idea being taken into effect. The goals of the GIG are to prevent and examine impairments in the children who participate in sports. They also hope to continue to grow as a resource for information regarding youth sports injuries, treatment, and prevention.

Providing better equipment is one aspect of youth sports that would help prevent injuries which would be appreciated by the founders and members of this interest group (Youth Athlete). A solution to fix the problem of youth sports is to re- create the rules nationwide. Athletes must be required physicals to play all sports. Full contact sports will have to be played with a flag until the age of 11 to prevent prevent injuries because many people avoid leagues where they need physicals. Some people know they are not healthy and continue to play which is giving a greater change or a more serious injury.

All parent’s, athletes, and coaches would benefit. Parent’s should approve of this because their athletes would stay safe and they could feel extra insurance that there is a low chance of any very serious injury. A parent may not like this because their child is not getting the full experience on the sports and they’re not prepared fully for the upcoming competition, this is a good option because the athlete would have a less chance of getting head injuries, since 40% of injuries happen in between the ages of 5 and 14 (Sports Injury Statistics).

The athletes would still be learning the base of the sport and will still have exposure to it. Athletes would appreciate this idea because it will ultimately help them. This will help athletes extend their career. This will also help them learn how to play organized and play as a team. This will help them be organized and discipline. Also it will teach them how to respect and be obedient. Having this will make all sports more organized and less of anarchy. Some athletes won’t like this because they may think they know what’s best for them. To make their careers last longer and to keep them healthy this should be enforced.

For example, many football players now don’t want to play flag football (they want to play tackle) but they are forced to by their parent’s and in the long run, they aren’t always the best athlete but they know the fundamentals and are healthy. Coaches should love this idea also because they are aught how to better coach, they can learn safety methods because many coaches want their players to be safe but don’t know all of the right ways to do it. Some wouldn’t like the fact that they have to attend classes and feel like they know it all, but they really don’t. If they didn’t many of these injuries wouldn’t happen.

For example in a pee wee football game a coach let five of his player get concussions and never stop the game. Even though he didn’t have enough kids to legally play, he continued to play and risk the children (A 5-Concussion Pee Wee Game Brings Penalties for the Adults. ). This shows that all coaches don’t have the right level of decision making to be coaching every level. They need to be taught, tested, and fired for making mistakes like these (Practice Hard, Practice Smart. ). An interest group called Nation alliance for Youth sports (NAYS) would support this idea too. The goal of NAYS is to make sports and activities safe and positive by providing programs and services that add value to youth sports. ” They wish that they can provide children positive instruction and build basic motor skills. Ensure volunteer coaches and officials are well trained in their roles and responsibilities. Lastly, having parent’s complete an orientation program to understand the important impact sports has on their child’s development(National Alliance for Youth Sports) are all things the NAYS look forward to do. These are all things included in the solution proposed.

NAYS and other interest group would support this idea and hope that youth sports across the nation become safer. The Youth Sports Special interest group would also support this decision because one of the goals of GIG is to train and provide fitness guidelines for the child who participates in sports and to spread information in the physical hearer community about the treatment of the youth athlete (Youth Athlete). This solution would be assuring that coaches are trained and have guidelines they must about the treatment of youth and provide training for coaches.

The major issue of youth sports is that youth get hurt too often and this can hinder them later in life. Some people don’t mind but many do and the injury rates are rising. There are many negatives with youth sports but there are also many good things that go with it. Youth gain a lot from participating in sports activities. The chance to go to college and get scholarships. Grades must be maintained to play, and also behavior. Obedience, respect, and discipline are skills gained from sports. Parent’s, coaches, and fans can be a big issue also.

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