Yellow Mini

Main characters: In this poetic novel written in verse and told through the perspective of five teenagers, we enter their lives as they struggle through the hard times of high school. Mark- a handsome teenage boy of Iraqi origin with dark features. He is a popular and bright kid. After his father’s death, he loses himself and buys a yellow mini in which he spends most of his time with his girlfriend Stacey trying to run away from his insecurities. Stacey- A former geek who Jumps up the social ladder after changing her image in order to become popular.

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She finds a new, Repplier look and Joins the cool crew with Mark by her side. Although she has potential, she is too focused on her popularity which leads to a drug and alcohol abuse. She throws away her life as she rides in Marks yellow mini with him at all hours of the night. Unnamable- Unnamable is a kind girl with thick brown hair, pale skin and bright green eyes. She was raised by her mother when she was 17 years old. She has a passion for protesting and making a difference in the world. She and Mary were best friends with Stacey before she became popular.

Mary- Mary is an awfully shy girl with a remarkable talent for playing the piano. She is somewhat pretty but lacks the confidence to show her inner and outer beauty to the world. Christopher- A nerdy, socially awkward, boy with an acne problem and a thin figure who loves astronomy and is dating Unnamable. Together they stand side by side while they fight for what is right. Setting:This story takes place in a modern day period in an unspecified city. However, the majority of the story is being told in an average high school atmosphere as the teenagers face the same social and academic problems that us students face presently.

Conflict: The conflict of this story which is teens trundling to find their own identity through the hard times of high school can be interpreted in several ways. For example, some might believe this is individual vs.. Society because in these times, it is normal for teenagers to get lost for reasons such as peer-pressure. However, I believe that the opposing forces are individual vs.. Self because the conflict is from within. However, with the help and guidance from friends and family, they find their way in the end.

Theme: I think that the theme of this story is that adolescence is a hard time in all our lives but it shapes us to be the people we will become. This step in our lives and the obstacles we overcome in it is what lead us to maturity and adulthood. The Chrysalis By: John Yamaha Main characters: David Storm is the narrator and the protagonist of the story. He lives in a small conservative community where everyone is prejudice against anyone who differs each other telepathically. This means he must keep his abilities carefully hidden along with his other telepathic friends.

He starts off in the novel as a very vulnerable 10 year old boy, never questioning his parent’s religious beliefs on the subject of mutations, blasphemy and “deviation from the norm”. However, as he grows older, he realizes that they may not be right and becomes very bright and knowledgeable. Sophie Wonder is a young girl born with an extra toe on each foot. Because of this small difference, she is considered a mutant and must live in a secluded area in a small cottage where she won’t be found. She is a very brave young girl because when she is discovered, she doesn’t let fear take over her life, she stays optimistic and hopeful.

Uncle Axel is a kind man who keeps his knowledge of Davit’s telepathy a secret. Unlike Davit’s very religious father, he often questions many conventional elisions principles and is very tolerant towards the concept of deviations. Peter Storm is Davit’s very childish and oblivious little sister who can communicate telepathically as well. She doesn’t understand how powerful her abilities are and how her life is very much at risk if she is discovered. Roseland Morton is Davit’s half cousin and lover. She is a part of the group of telepathic. She is very bright and quick on her feet when it comes to escaping in order to save her life.

Setting- the setting of the story takes place in several significant places throughout he story. It all starts in Davit’s home town, a vivification and futuristic village called Wan. This is where David discovers his abilities and how dangerous they can be. How his parents are wrong about blasphemies. The second important locations is Sophie’s cottage because this is where he begins to questions his parents and realizes how blasphemies are no different from everyone else and shouldn’t be reprimanded. Another key place is the Fringes, a place where all mutants are accepted.

Conflict- The main conflict in this story is external and man vs… Society because any deviation from the norm must hide themselves from the cruelty of society in order to save their lives. In this story, the only solution is running away to the Fringes which really doesn’t resolve anything Theme- I think the theme of the story is to accept people for who they are because all humans are equals and gods creations. Also, the story also teaches us that Just because you have power and authority over someone, doesn’t make you right. Cousin. Http://www. Wisteria’s. Oregon_chrysalis http://chrysalises. Tripod. Com/technocracies/did. HTML

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