Written Statement, Encountering Conflict

Encountering conflict: FLAP+C Written Explanation! This piece of writing is an informative essay with the intention of influencing the reader to agree with the prompt “dealing with conflict can give rise to heroic qualities in an individual”.

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The essay is written in a formal language which is best suited for year 12 VCE students, teachers and educated citizens who are interested in the topic discussed; the heroic qualities presented by the “candy bomber” Gail Halverson, the outspoken and independent Nancy Wake and the two characters from the movie Paradise Road, who present great heroic qualities when placed in a dreadful conflict of world war two. This essay’s purpose is to provide facts and convincing examples to persuade the reader to agree with the prompt .

The inclusion of the general individuals of history ; Nancy Wake and Gale Halverson made the essay much stronger and easily supported the prompt, as a wide range of information was used that the reader could relate with. Conflict is a situation which one cannot easily forget and is haunted by it all through life. The movie Paradise Road showed women of various ages and nationalities and presented us with women who did display heroic qualities compared to others.

It shows the different approaches and sacrifices people are willing to make in order to give hope to the distressed victims of the conflict. Word count: 222 Bibliography: Nancy Wake: http://www. convictcreations. com/history/nancywake. htm Gail Halverson: http://www. germany. info/Vertretung/usa/en/09__Press__InFocus__Interviews/03__Infocus/01__Airlift/03/Feature__3. html Quotes included :Source is as above. Paradise Road: Movie: Paradise Road (1997) Directed by Bruce Beresford Encountering Conflict Booklet

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