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My Problem in Writing And solutions Every time I am asked to write about any topic, I find myself facing a major problem asking myself what I am going to write, and how I am going to present, express my ideas and support my personal opinions in a clear organized way that the reader would understand me. Learning how to write an essay was a frustrating process for me until , I came to understand some steps that made it easy and sometimes fun. I learnt to start by researching the topic using all different resources available like interest and libraries.

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I write Down questions, notes, quotations, facts, interesting passages and it sources. Its always good to have a variety of Sources; Quoting from a few sources only, will sound inexperienced; while quoting from numerous sources Will sound knowable and supportive to the topic. As I am researching the topic I start analyzing the arguments of different writes and authors. The argument consists of two main things a claim and reasons for that claim, neither a claim without reasons; nor reasons without a claim is an argument.

When I am creating my own argument, first I identify my main claim then locate all its reasons. The reasons should show explanations of the claim and whether it s rue or not. I also map out if there is enough evidence supporting my claim, and if there is any other After spending decent amount of time researching, comparing arguments. I begin to think critically to discover the insights of the topic trying to find something original to say about it. I look to define the Problem if There is any! Why its a problem?. A problem for who? When did it become a problem? And what is the roots of that problem ?. I go back to do more research about the problem I outlined, Answers for the questions I wrote down and educate myself more about this problem . I look or evidence supporting it, it s sources how strong or weak they are, and if I believe it or not. Now I think I can start writing my own opinions and ideas whether I agree or not, I can also present my arguments it s claims and it s reasons.

My main claim will be my thesis for example I wrote my thesis for this topic at the end of the introduction which is “Learning how to write an essay fun. “. Many people may not believe that thesis which makes it arguable and that what I try to make all my thesis. Then I think about how I am going to organize and outline my writing, I free write the whole ratings to omit mistakes, remove paragraphs or add evidence . I try to choose appropriate arrangement for my writings.

The introduction of any topic is what grabs the reader’s attention I can present my introduction by An interesting fact, or a personal experience, or a surprising information, or even exciting quotations. The entire introduction should lead toward the presentation of my claim or thesis. I begin my paragraph by focusing on one idea only, and the first sentence of the paragraph will be my topic sentence of the paragraph . It describes the point of the paragraph then I evolve more ideas in the paragraph.

I provide examples to illustrate my ideas, use quotations, show more evidence , offer another perspective to my idea, elaborate on causes/effects, definitions, comparison/contrast. The conclusion will be my closing paragraph where I recap my main idea in a clear , summarizing Manner, I also learned to try to make a graceful exit from the essay by leaving memorable impression by the Reader, that it wont be boring like describing a powerful image, or using quotations, or personal Experiences, or actions need to be done, or explaining why the topic is important, or lea conclusion and I keep it short.

I am going to end my essay with this closing paragraph that I found online as an example on ending a topic with an image and it s for a famous writer George Orwell describing Charles Dickens as he sees him “When one reads any strongly individual piece of writing, one has the impression of seeing a face somewhere behind the page. It is not necessarily the actual face of the writer. I feel this very strongly with Swift, with Defoe, with Fielding, Stendhal, Thacker, Flatter, though in several case I do not know what writer ought to have.

Well, in the case of Dickens I see a face that is not quite the face of Dickens’s photographs, though it resembles it. It is the face off man of about forty, with a small beard and a high color. He is laughing, with a touch of anger in his laughter, but no triumph, no malignity. It is the face of a man who is always fighting against something, but who fights in the open and is not frightened, the face of a man who is generously angry-in other words, of a nineteenth-century liberal, a free intelligence, a type ‘hated with equal hatred by all the smelly little orthodoxies which are now contending for our souls”.

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