World Hunger Analysis

Judging by the image, the artist is trying to depict world hunger and how it is a growing crisis yet countries with food that are well off are not making an initiative to change it. The image portrays an obese white male that is crushing a malnourished black male. It also shows the white male with food and a remote while the black male has a bandage with blood on his left arm. With this, the artist is trying to get his argument across to the audience and make the audience feel sympathy for people that are not in as good of a position as others.

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To begin with, the artist has hoses a spherical design for both the bodies to fit into and that it is surrounded by a black background. This could be taken as a representation of Earth, itself, in space. The black background goes to add not only a meaning to represent space but also the idea behind what the artist is trying to depict. It shows a dark image, an image that no one wants to face but it’s still there. It defines the picture and gives it more reasoning on why other people should help. The sphere on the other hand, goes to show that a majority of the world’s food is eaten by “whites” or people from plopped countries.

This can be interpreted because the white male in the picture is taking up more than three-fourths of the sphere, and as stated before, the white male is very obese while the black male seems malnourished. The black male represents those in nations that don’t have it as good and thus why he only occupies a small amount of space. In addition, the white male has no curiosity or interest to even think of helping those who are in need of help. He has his food on his belly and a TV remote in his hand. To him, if he’s okay then so be it for the rest of the world. This is a common issue in modern day developed nations.

Many people go all day without ever thinking of those who may actually need help or even food, a necessary ingredient to live. What the artist is trying to tell his audience is that people in developed nations turn the other way to these issues, and that these same people are already too lost in their own materialistic items that there is no reason for them to worry about others, and he has illustrated these ideas by, again, adding a remote and food on the man’s belly. With this picture he is trying to show the real issue at and, that there are more people out there than us who could actually use the help.

Equally important, the image also shows the white male to be in good health (other than being obese) while the black male is hurt. With this, the artist is trying to show that people in developed nations have remarkable health care, for those who certainly don’t need it, while those who are not in developed nations, that need it more, cannot even get proper health service for what seems to be a simple fix. He is trying to show his audience the great differences in which where people are taken are of for when it is not needed while there are people who need the help but it is not given.

In conclusion, the artist is trying to show people the issues that are at hand. Issues that are overlooked on a daily basis. He is trying to emphasize that while most of us are well off there are people out there who are not. His argument is very solid and the way he has depicted his thoughts into his drawing really show his compassion, will, and desire to help make a difference in the world. This is his main argument and he has done so by showing his audience with the use of different

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