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Exercise – Job Analysis and Writing Job Descriptions – 5% In groups of 2, interview each other with regard a Job the interviewee has performed (if the person has never worked, select a Job the person is familiar with) using the following questions. A) Job Responsibilities and Duties 1. Job title:Sales Representative (Bell Mobility) 2. Department title and/or division title 3. Title of immediate supervisor: Nicholas Cornucopia 4. Description of duties (describe the duties in enough detail to provide a complete and accurate description of the work).

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To start I would have to identifying new resources of opportunities for sales, utilize the provided tools to research customers prior to sales demonstration, Properly track and submit expenses, Participate in an environment of continued learning through web based learning Represent Bell Mobility in the promotion and sales of cable and wireless products in the store and at special events and conducts customer follow-up as per the sales process. We must also come up with creative lead generating techniques and present present the product and educate potential customers on Bell Mobility’s’ offerings.

As the vitiation is completed a post installation follow-up is required to cake sure everything has gone through accurately. As a representative you must establish and maintain positive relationships with customers as well as assist in the development of strategies that minimize the competitive threat, retain existing customers and increase revenue. As per company policy all things must be documented and submit sales orders on a timely basis for input into our database. A.

Provide a general overall summary of the purpose of your Job: As a sales representative you must be a brand ambassador to the company you are working for. All customer issues and concerns must be dealt with in a helpful manner and the customer must be satisfied and content. Customer service ISO a very big part of being a sales representative but producing numbers such as selling cellophanes, accessories, and even home products definitely defines the main purpose of this Job as it is the bread and butter for the company. B. What are the major results or outputs of your Job?

The result in doing you Job correctly and making sure all customers are happy results in a very obvious output money. The more money a representative makes for the company the more the representative will earn themselves due to the commission that is paid for he services selected c. Describe the duties and tasks you perform daily; weekly; monthly Describe outlets you perform Irregularly: some AT ten Gutless Tanat are not name on the regular are the training modules in which only come out once every few months as the changes are not significant from time to time. . List any machines, instruments, tools, equipment, materials, and work aids used in your Job. Indicate percentage of time used. The most used machine would be the computer which is almost 89% of the time and then other then that we use the debit machine quite bait in which is 25% of he time the rest of the time we are using the regular stationary which I would say would be 50% of the time 6. Describe the nature of your responsibility for non-human resources (e. . , money, machinery, equipment). What monetary loss can occur through an error? In my field there are many people who try and De fraud the company with fake identities if the sales representative does not take preventative measure and verify all customer information and and such this definitely hits the company in a way in which allows various different losses and can be the end of the company if happens quite often.

If the representative has a lot of fraud himself/herself it will result in termination. 7. What reports and records do you prepare as part of your Job? When are they prepared? The reports and records that are done is the inventory which need to be updated daily when things are sold as well they need to be put into the database to track sales. 8. What is the source of instructions for performing your Job (e. G. Oral or written specifications)?

There are not only oral specifications which are communicated through conference calls and memos, as well as emails that are sent daily to make ere that all pricing and posters as well as plans are up to date 9. Describe the nature and frequency of supervision received: My manager is always in the store with me however he does not watch over me as I have been fully trained and have been in the business for a very long time. The regional manager however is always there to help us and we see him once a week to make sure everything is running smoothly. 0. How is your work reviewed, checked, or verified? The work is reviewed through the activations done for mobile and home services B) Reporting Relationships 1 1 . What contacts are required with other departments or persons other than your immediate department in performing your Job? Describe the nature and extent of these contacts. The other interactions in which we may have would be to other sales representatives at other locations and managers as well.

We may reach out to others if we have any such questions that we cannot answer ourselves or get stuck in a process we can call onto them for help C) Working Conditions 12. Describe the working conditions present in the location and environment of your work such as cold/heat, noise, fumes, dust, and so forth. Indicate frequency and degree of exposure: Working conditions are great when heat assigned the store is warm and we have an reconditioned for when the weather becomes not Ana null . I en store Is cleaned every nylon Trot ten oust Ana tenure are no harmful odors. 13. Describe any dangers or hazards present in your Job: Various stores have been robbed at gun point in the past so this is one huge danger as well the danger of being fraud is also a danger in which Jeopardizes loss of Job D) Job Qualifications 14. Describe the kind of previous work experience necessary for satisfactory reference of this Job: Anything that involves customer service and working with technology.

As well those who do not like standing and talking to customers all day shouldn’t not en applying for this Job 15. What is the amount of experience required? The amount of experience preferred is one year however if one is willing to learn a beginner would be fine as well 16. What kinds of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other qualities are needed to perform the Job? Willingness to learn, great customer service,quick learner, understanding, listener, organized, go-getter, goal oriented 7. What is the minimal level of education (e. G. Elementary/middle school graduation, high school graduation, two-year college diploma or certificate, university degree) required to perform the Job satisfactorily? Highlights degree 18. Are any special skills and/or manual dexterity skills required to perform the job? Nothing extra is need to perform this Job 19. Is there any special certification, registration, licensing, or training requirements? There are different certifications for each phone that is released as well as the three major operating systems that now have come to be

Using the Job Description format and example (page 103 of text) and the Job Specification format and example ( page 110 of the text), prepare a Job description for the person you interviewed based on the information received. Submit written Job Description and Specification with your name and the name of the person you interviewed at the bottom. Submission: Typed single spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 inch pitch; Times New Roman or Aerial Font; 2 pages maximum Adapted from Applications in Human Resource Management (Mono, Bottler, MacAfee, Miscarried), peg. 107

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