Women in Baseball

Attendant’s Women in Baseball Movie Assignment During the sass’s in the face of World War II the United States faced a crisis, the majority of every abele body man over the age of 18 either enlisted or was drafted into the military. With all the men leaving for war who was left to play baseball, since baseball had no exemption of the draft deemed by President Roosevelt. These put women in a tough spot, stay at home as women had done for years or leave the house and venture out for Jobs.

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In my opinion the movie A League of Their Own which depicts the story of the GABLE, All American Girls Professional Baseball League, as they helped keep baseball alive during the war. The movie showed the brutality, bad conditions, and challenges faced by the women of the league; but did it depict the character of the players and managers? The movie A League of Their Own is a historical movie of the GABLE of the sass’s and sass’s. While the men were off fighting WI in Europe and the Pacific, women were put in a difficult position.

Should they stay home and continue being the typical souse wife or go out and seek Jobs, many women went out into the work place and started to work. One Job of in particular changed how women were looked at in this country and also kept the greatest sport out there alive, baseball. Its founder however was not a Mr… Harvey founder of Harvey Chocolate bars as the movie says but the founder of Wrigley chewing gum Mr… Philip K. Wrigley. This is one difference in the movie that is rather important. Where there are differencing of the movie and history there are facts, one fact was that their salaries really did range from $45-$85.

Another similarity was that the girls of the GABLE did indeed have to take classes on how to me a “real” lady and did wear short skirts, for their time, instead of pants. The one rule which Hollywood did get right was that the GABLE was strictly for white women only, and the scene with the black women picks the ball up and throws it across the entire field showed that skin color doesn’t affect one’s ability to play ball. This scene in the movie was also the scene for the extra credit point. Jimmy Dugan although depicted in the movie as a former great ball player and a daggering drunk who didn’t care for the girls at all.

In history he was nothing as Hollywood had hyped him up to be, he only played in one game in 1911 and went 0-4 in this soul appearance. Although Jimmy Dugan wasn’t this great former ball player and manager of the Rockford Peaches, he did at least exist unlike the owner of Harvey chocolate bars. The real manager of the Rockford Peaches real first manager was a guy named Eddie Stumps, along with a different manager and different girls names, the Rockford Peaches did not play in the first GABLE World Series. This was played between Racine and Kenosha.

Another similar thing that Hollywood got right about the league was that they were chaperoned and were not a loud to smoke, drink, or have interactions of personal time with men during the season. The league was purposed to save baseball and make the Major League team owners money while the men went off to war. The GABLE not only made them richer but kept baseball alive and also integrated women out of the traditional home and Into ten work place. Wholly a AAA a poor Joy AT applicant most AT ten analytical fact of the movie A League of Their Own but did manage to shoe the importance of the GABLE.

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