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Caring for the Population A Paper Presented in Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements of NOR 443 Community Health Nursing The purpose of this paper is to provide subjective and objective data in the community of Warwick, N. Y. , in order to assess its stability and health of the population. The data collected will be from direct observation while driving to gain better understanding and awareness to the resources accessible to this community. Introduction to the Community Warwick, New York is a beautiful village in a rural setting, approximately one hour from New York City. According to the U. S.

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Census Bureau 2012 the population is 6,731. This paper will provide an assessment of this uniquely charming village that is a blend of business, culture and history. The purpose will be to Again a better understanding of the community and provide insight to the available resources. Windshield Survey Community Vitality I performed this windshield survey on a Tuesday afternoon; Schools had been let out for the day and I observed many school buses and children walking in large and nourished, appeared clean and well dressed. I observed mothers with baby strollers with young children walking close by.

There were quite a few senior citizens shopping in the stores and sitting house porches. Warwick has a large tourist economy, however it runs seasonally and at this time I did not see any. I did observe a few smokers but no evidence of drug or alcohol use. Indicators of Social and Economic Conditions The homes are predominantly single family with few multifamily structures and three senior citizens housing. Housing showed minimal to no evidence of disrepair except for some need of cosmetic repair. All levels of schooling are within walking distance to the village including a day care center.

The streets very busy with cars and I noticed a public transit bus stop with benches with an overhang for shade. There are many business, restaurants and shopping located centrally in the village. Farming communities are located within a few miles which employ Mexican migrant farm workers that can be observed working in the fields. Many political signs can be seen on lawns as Election Day draws closer. Health Resources A Community hospital is located at the northern tip of the community, along with assisted living/nursing home/rehabilitation located in the same area. There are many family medical doctors and dentists offices.

Environmental Conditions Related to Health Sidewalks are located in the village, however no sidewalks are noted from the middle and high school. Many signs were noted on streets alerting drivers to yield to pedestrians. I noticed multiple sporting fields and 2 parks all very busy with children playing; this is where the public bathrooms are located. Social Functioning There are a variety of churches, and community center with current events posted outside for upcoming events and meetings. Children are being observed by their parents, teenagers gathering in groups and seniors doing their shopping.

Attitude toward Healthcare There are 2 yoga centers advertising for improved mental health. At the hospital there was a posting for upcoming events such as: Breast cancer support group and an upcoming health fair. Conclusion Warwick is a city that is thriving with culture, safe for children to grow up and be healthy. Community support is available for most, but lacking in services such as a food pantry, WICK program, or free health clinics. Another area that would be very beneficial is health promotion; there are no gyms (except for expensive group classes) or community pool (besides private country clubs).

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