Willa brown

The world around us darkened as the waves crashed against the shores of the gulf of Mexico. We knew it was probably a bad idea, but that didn’t stop us. We stood on the beach watching as, one by one, everyone slowly started retreating from the ocean. We were clueless to the yellow flag flying in the strong wind above the lifeguard stand. Any sane person knew that a yellow flag meant that you could still enter the water but it probably wasn’t the best idea . A light rain started to fall , and with the help of the wind it felt like piercing needles against my skin .

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Shelby and I , as usual , were anxious to take off running toward the water. We both enjoyed the rush that the ocean gives. The way the salty air smells , how the water tastes, (although painful to get up your nose) we loved every aspect of it. I guess one may consider myself an “adrenaline Junkie”. Always looking for a thrill. We continued down the beach and by the time we reached the waters edge we were already soaked from the rain . Without hesitation we summered ourselves in the water , trying not to get knocked now by the waves. Knew that the further past the waves you go the easier it is to stand. Obviously no one had ever been out in the ocean during a storm . We fought against the waves and made our way further out. The undertow was strong . One minute you would be standing the next your leg would be Jerked out from under you. The waves were fairly small but gradually increased the longer we stayed out there. We couldn’t help but laugh as waves would knock us left and right . The rain had changed from a slight drizzle to almost a complete down pour. The wind sped up and it became hard to see. Let water was blowing everywhere. We still didn’t realize the potential danger at hand so we continued to have a “thrill” . Have you ever had someone tell you , “its all fun and games until someone gets hurt” . Well its true. It was almost immediately that the waves got bigger . The undertow was pulling us further and further away from the beach . Shelby is 5 foot even and IM 5 foot 5

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