Why should students study the great work of literature

Why Should Student Study Great Work Of Literature Why should students study literature it may be educational, interesting but do they enjoy working on it. Most students now it’s very educational we also have to do it because we take that class every year. Some of us may not like it or love it but it required by the state that we take it. There is many reasons why we should take English most is because we are required to. But I only need three so here are my 3 reasons.

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My first reason we would study great work of literature is to explore other cultures and beliefs. Most books in the work talk about the culture” how they live” “what’s it like”. When we read we explore worlds in our head like their beliefs. We didn’t know that much about it until you start to read about it. You can also experience the culture when you’re reading literature. I believe the second reason is educational yes we have to have literature for the rest of our lives.

Literature helps you with grammar, reading and caches us about the story. Most stories like Romeo and Juliet there love was forbidden but they would risk their lives to be with each other. Literature teaches us many ways of life and one it learning. Mostly helps you with writing and reading. My third reason why we should study is to appreciate everything that happened in the past. Most literature is from the past for example Joan Arc she wanted to fight and be a leader in war. She’s an inspiration to many people in the world.

Most iterates we should appreciate for all they did in the past. That is why we should appreciate that we study literature. Those are my three reasons we should study the great work of literature. All the three reasons are the most important to me. We should study to explore other culture, educational and we should appreciate literature. You all may think none are important but they sure are especially that its educational. It’s the most import thing to do in English. That us why we should study the great work of literature .

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