Where I Come From Is like this

Where I Come From Is Like This The story, “Where I Come From Is Like This” is about the lives of American Indian women and how they were capable of anything, and Native Americans were always strong and had all the qualities in them. Also it is about what others cultures thought about Indian women. They were never dependent on anyone, This is what the author wants us to know that the native Americans were never weak and helpless.

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In this story, the Native American women were given importance in the society and were not just ignored or underestimated like White American women. One of the sentence which I liked in this passage was that, “The Tribes see women variously, but they do no question the power of femininity. Sometimes they see the women as fearful, and sometimes peaceful, sometimes omnipotent and omniscient, but they never portray women as mindless, helpless, simple, or oppressed. This part of the passage is meaningful to me because this one sentence says it all on how women are en by the people in Native American culture unlike the western Americans who look at women as inferior and weak. If I had a conversation with the author, I would have appreciated their view of women instead of asking them anything. I am really touched by this story and I really liked it because women are appreciated in the story even if it is from older times where other American women were not courageous and were never dependent on anyone to do any task on their own.

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