What has caused overweight and obese

What has caused overweight and obese BY -rcc94 Over the past decade,there is a significant rise in the number of overweight and obese among the adult. According to the recent statistic ,overweight and obese is one of the major factor that cause different type of illness and sickness. The most common one are the heart failure,diabetes and high blood pressure. They not only affect the way we live,it even putting our life at risk between live and death,killing more and more every year and it will not stop until action is taken.

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The contributing factor that ause this to happen is due to the individual lack of awareness,living with a unhealthy lifestyle and limited access to healthy food. First and foremost,one of the factor that causes obesity among the adult over the past decade is because they are lack of awareness toward their own health. one of the reason that obesity rises is because they lack of knowledge about how to maintain their healthy lifestyle. They did not know anything about the causes and how destructive obesity it is to their body. Because of this situation ,they were not ware what is happening in their own body.

Also,some individual does not even care about their own health especially their own weight. They always tends to find excuses to escape from reaality on what they are facing. They believe that they are still healthy as long as they feel comfortable on how they feel now. ln addition,some individual was easily attracted by the advertisement. They were easily attracted and cheated by the food that was on advertise and some Just to eat it Just to follow up the society. This will eventually causes them to face the overweight and obesity.

Meanwhile,the reason there is significant rise of overweight adult over the past decade is because they are living with an unhealthy lifestyle throughout the years. This is because their lifestyle is lack of daily and quality physical activity. Some were too busy and most of their time was spend on their work. Because of this,they have no time to do exercise nor even go for a short walk. Also,some individual tends not to taking their meals at the fixed time and this causes them to missed out some meals that eventually causes them to consume more food than usual on the next eal,which means consuming more calories. n addition,having a unhealthy nightlife causes them to have a unhealthy lifestyle. Going places such as club will eventually causing the individual to consume more alcoholic drinks,that will affect the health and metabolism rate. Furthermore,the significant rise in the number of obesity among the adult is due to limited access to healthy food. This situation occurs because choosing food to eat is difficult for individual who live in areas that overabundance with food retailer that sell less healthy food.

Most of this area was conquer by fast food restaurant and convenience stores,which mostly sell oily and fatty food. Despite there is healthy food available,there are individual that are not choosing healthy meals because it is too expensive for the lower income individual. They tend to choose the much cheaper than those healthy one,with the addition of flavoring and MSG. Also,there are limited access to healthy food is because there is not honest retailer and restaurant that giving fake information about their product.

They willing to do so Just to increase their ncome while abandon the important of others health. Nevertheless,the number of overweight and obese adult over the past 10 years have rise dramatically. Some of the factor that causes this to happen is lack of awareness about their health,living with a unhealthy lifestyle and having limited access to healthy food. Therefore,people nowadays should realize the important of healthy life rather than staying obese that will put your life a mess. Health is wealth,and there is nothing better than having a healthy body for your own future and the love ones you care.

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