Vera wang bio

Vera Wang is a successful fashion designer, who plays an important role in the fashion industry. Vera was born on June 27, 1949, in New York City. She enjoyed her lavish childhood growing up on Manhattans Upper East Side of New York City. Her family was very influential, and her family encouraged her to pursue anything she wanted to do. While as a teen, she became a talented figure skater, and began winning state competitions throughout college. Her talent was surely recognized. Although, she pursued her talent as a figure skater, she wanted to pursue her other admirations.

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After she graduated from college in 1971, she began working for Vogue magazine. At the age of 23, she was promoted, and became a senior fashion editor. She maintained her Job for 15 years. Meanwhile, in 1987 she decided to go off to become a design director for accessories for Ralph Lauren. She had many memorable moments throughout her career. She began designing gowns, and dresses for celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Kim Sardinian, Maria Carrey and many more. She has been a social and influential impact on the world of fashion as of 2013.

She always felt that she would be successful in world of fashion. I learned many things about her throughout my research on Vera Wang. She has inspired me that I can be helpful in the fashion industry also. Vera Wang did incorporate the H. IS. N. T. Decision making process because she thought out what she wanted to pursue after she finished her figure skating talent. She wanted to be a part of the fashion industry, so she followed her dreams. Although, her success did not relate to underestimating herself, it led her to becoming famous.

Vera was very influenced by the support of re family, and her husband helping her along the way. She had a better outcome, because she didn’t have barriers trying to keep her from reaching her goal. She began to network and take action to meet and interact with many people. Interacting with different people, led her to have the opportunity to design dresses and gowns for many celebrities throughout her career. She took the initiative to take the first step in her career because she had many insights and was open to learning and exploring many things, which led her to be successful.

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