Valve, positive displacement pumps flapper valve

Flap check valve are a very traditional method of preventing back flow in pipelines, culverts and other applications to prevent flooding. The drain flap valve are manufactured using modern materials and the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure the very best products are achieved in the most efficient manner. Due to the unique lightweight properties of the HIDE that is used to manufacture the flap valve, they are very easy to install in comparison to cast iron Flap gate. Features and Benefits • Easy to install – No grouting required. Light weight due to to the use of HIDE.

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Virtually maintenance free. Ultra Violet and impact resistant. Standard sizes available for immediate dispatch. Supplied complete with all seals and stainless steel fixings. Specifications Nominal diameter: Dominion to Addendum, other sizes available Maximum working pressure: 25. 0 meter water Operating temperature: 900 Corrosion resistances Applicable media water, river water, seawater, living water, industrial sewage. The flap gate valve plate and the back plate are produced using HIDE. The hinge pin and ballast weight are produced in ASSESS as standard.

The ballast weight can be easily adjusted if required. The sealing arrangement consists of an PEED lip seal in the back plate. The valve plate is also installed on an angle in relation to the back plate to ensure a good seal. Note:Usually the flange drilling standard is based

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