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VHF, you are blocking one of three lanes of a highway due to a Tara? C accidents may reduce the highway capacity by 50 per cent. In addition, it has been suggested, at least in the pa tent literature, Tanat ventricle speeds may De automatically speeding 86 MPH”. That warning, along with add action information retrieved from the databanks, such as the vehicle model and year, will be recorded and will also be broadcast, by voice or print-out or both, to police officers ahead of the vehicle who may issue a monitored and a photograph taken of those vehicles Tara? Violation summons to the vehicle driver based on which exceed the speed limit, as in US. Pat. No’s. 45 their own observation, using Adair or other speed mea 4,866,438 and 5,066,950. Those systems require a match cerements, of the speeding vehicle. Optionally, a cam ins of the photograph of the license plate number with era may record the speeding vehicle and its driver, so a list of license plate numbers and mailing the Tara? C that the warning may be proven in court or so that a violation ticket to the owner of the vehicle.

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That system warning letter may be sent to the vehicle owner. Is not legally acceptable in many states, since there is no 50 In addition, and optionally, the system may be used to human witness of the Tara? C violation and the winner of detect “wanted cars”, namely,stolen cars or cars having the vehicle may not be the one driving at the time of the an excessive number of Tara? C violations (“scoff? Saws”) speeding violation. Or cars likely to be illegally driven by drivers with In US. Pat. NO. Entitled “Mobile speed suspended licenses or cars which do not have the lee Awareness Device”, the speed of a vehicle is detected 55 gaily required insurance coverage. In this alternative, by a radar gun. The vehicle speed is displayed on a all cars, whether or not speeding, passing the license lighted number display board mounted on a trailer. Late reader will have their plate numbers read and In US. Pat. No. 5,204,675 an automatic toll collecting rapidly compared to a database list of stolen, uninsured system obtains vehicle identity? Action from a vehicle and Soc? Law cars. If a car is on that list, the warning number plate and calculates the toll based on the mum sign is not operated and a police officer ahead of the car beer plate. Is onto? De as to the car’s identify (model, year, etc. ) and the reason it is on the “wanted” list. In an alternative mode of operation, the “wanted car” It Is an adjective AT ten present Invention to provoke database and/or the entire license plate database is 10 a Tara? C control system and method which will auto 65 coated at a Tara? Management center or at police head mythically, without human intervention, detect and Eden quarters. Such a system is in accordance with the recent tiff those vehicles which exceed a selected speed limit technological advances in Tara? C control and manage and provide a visual warning to the driver of his speed, meet (Intelligent Vehicle-Highway Systems-—AVIS). 3 These advances have focused on incorporating trans emitters and sensors proximate the highways and having information transmitted to Tara? C management centers or to police headquarters.

At these locations the inform motion is deciphered and monitored for speeding, re gently stolen cars, “scofflaw’ cars and cars likely to be only “speeding vehicles” I. E. , those vehicles whose speed exceeds a predetermined limit, for example, 65 miles per hour (MPH) in a 55 MPH legal speed zone. The camera is electrically connected to a specialized computer board 9 which converts the alpha-numeric of the license plates of vehicles to a digital ASCII code illegally driven by drivers with suspended licenses. The which is transmitted as data stream 16 to computer system 15.

That conversion may use algorithms and the camera systems, but the memory storage devices other techniques used in character recognition systems. Which store the “wanted cars” database would be 10 10 The license plate characters, in one state, would be of coated at the Tara? C management centers or at police only a few fonts, making their conversion to digital transmitters are electrically connected to the output of headquarters. The storage devices could preferably be signals relatively simple. Preferably the computer sys

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