Uniform Debate

The emotional struggles these poor kids have will be gone. They can no longer be classified as something and be made fun of for it. It also helps decrease obedience troubles. Students will be more focused on learning then other things outside of school. They will concentrate rather then comparing others. They will help students achieve academically better, too. By eliminating distractions like what to wear in the morning and shopping for new clothes students will have more time to study and do homework.

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One of the most beneficial advantages of having school uniforms is the cost. They are extremely cost effectual and they get rid of the parent’s spending money and going through the trouble of picking out hip and trendy clothes for there kids. Parent’s can conveniently 2 purchase school uniforms at a Target, Wall-Mart, and Lands End. These are all very inexpensive and they are very convenient. People may say that uniforms take away individuality. But that’s not totally true. There is lots of other ways to have individuality.

You can have your own attitude. There is also ways that you can do your hair or maybe a little make-up. They can add things to there back-back or other things. There are plenty of things students my not like about uniforms, but there are plenty of things that help they and they way out the bad. Work Cited Chitchats, Mansion. “School Uniforms Debates”. Articles Wave. 2013. Web. 4 April. 2013. Cotton, Lynn-Noreen and Jill Ginsburg. “Jill Ginsburg. “School Uniforms: An Overview. Points of view. 2011. Obscenest. Web. 21 March. 2013.

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