True Fate of Homer Barron

I was extremely intrigued about Homers death after reading the story A Rose for Emily. In reading the story the author leads you to believe that Homer died because Emily killed him but also leaves it open for other possibilities. But is it really possible that Homer died for other reasons? Throughout the story it is explained that Emily had a hard time moving forward and letting go of the past and that gives the idea that maybe Homer died and Emily Just couldn’t let him go like she had trouble letting her father go as well.

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It also tells of how she bought poison and that people thought he was going to kill herself but later the thought turns to her using it on Homer. There is a lot of talk about her going insane Just like her aunt. Unfortunately nobody really knows what happened except maybe her servant Tube who never spoke to anyone. Before coming to a conclusion as to what really happened several ideas from the story have to come in to play. When her father died she couldn’t accept it and it took several people to convince her that he was dead and to let them bury the body.

According to the townspeople he ran off her suitors and robbed her of finding true eve and fulfillment. She never seemed able to accept the fact that time was passing and things were changing and maybe this led to her having a fear of being alone. Last but not least she was probably tired of all the town talking about her all the time and may have believed this was her way of solving the talk and being left alone. She did have an image to uphold. There are several things that point to Emily killing Homer that really can not be ignored.

Her going to the store and buying poison but not really giving the pharmacist a reason for needing it so that he writes for rats on the box. Homer entering the house one night after the cousins have left town and never being seen again. Emily tries to get the townspeople to think things are going in the direction they want them to when she goes out and buys the clothes and toiletries for Homer like he is still there and they are either already married or planning to do so in the near future.

She does a good Job of covering up any suspicions by making things seem completely normal or she has everyone so scared of approaching her that they really Just go along with whatever she has to say. Or maybe it’s not them being cared but them feeling sorry for her with the life she has had to live because of her father. The author does lead the reader to believe that possibly Homer was not killed but dies and Emily Just really cannot let him go.

It is possible that the night Homer came back he and Emily went to bed and he died in his sleep. Emily didn’t accept her father dying and maybe doesn’t want to accept that Homer is dead either. She goes about everyday life after the smell has cleared and gives painting lessons in her home. Several things in the story point to her not being able to accept change. The ewer generations moving in and wanting her to pay taxes and she doesn’t pay, the the house since her father died.

There is talk amongst the town people throughout the story that Emily is crazy. They mention her crazy aunt Wyatt and how she went insane, this could explain her keeping his dead body and not telling anyone. He dies in his sleep and she awakes to find him that way. She has a nervous breakdown and looses it so she keeps the body and sleeps next to it thinking he is still alive to a certain extent as long as he is there. Moving on with her life as if nothing happened is definitely a sign of insanity specially if she did kill him.

In all the research I did on trying to find someone who agreed with the idea that Emily did not kill Homer I found no one that feels the same way I do. It is possible that he died of a health related issue Just as much as it is possible that Emily Killed him. There are several points that can prove that she did it but there are also a few things that if you read between the lines a few ideas will emerge and point in the direction that Just maybe this story is not about murder but about someone lost in isolation and turns to insanity.

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