Tips for Saving The Earth

An essential problem of the 21st century is the world pollution. The world pollution is at the unhealthy level. A single person cannot be blamed for the would pollution, however every person should be responsible to take care of our Mother Nature. There are trivial things that we can do to save our beloved Earth. First and foremost, we should plant more more trees around our homes. We can encourage our friends or relatives to Join us. Choose an area to plant the tress.

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As you know, trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during their photosynthesis process. As a result, it will not cause in world temperature rising. So, e should stop cutting down the trees and trying to plant more trees to improve the air quality. Water is the elixir to life. We should conserve our water from now onwards. When you are brushing your teeth, do not let the tap run. Instead, you should turn off the tap and use a couple of glasses of water to rinse your mouth. Besides, we can place a few pails around our house to collect the rain water.

They may be useful in watering the flowers or washing the drain behind the house. When we are showering, use the shower rather than splashing buckets of water. Moreover, we should use our car less. Instead, we should walk more to reduce air elution. We can walk and cycle to school every morning with our friends. We can feel the togetherness with our friends. We can also have a car pooling with our office mates. Car pooling will reduce the the daily traffic congestion. It also reduces carbon monoxide in our atmosphere.

Walking or cycling is also something beneficial to our body. We can prevent from getting any diseases. Lastly, we must stop open burning. When we notice that people are burning outside their house, we should report to the authorities. Open burning will release sulfur dioxide that can be harmful to our body respiratory system. Open burning can also caused in haze event. Although haze occurs once in a blue moon, we should prevent it from occurring because haze will limit our outdoor activities.

So, we must stop open burning to ensure our Earth from being polluted. Putting it in a nutshell, everyone has their responsibility to save the Earth. We should always remember that Mother Nature is a blissful gift from God. We should also practice the trivial things above frequently. If everyone has a hand in protecting our Earth, then the world will become a better place to live. Hence, let us together help to save our Earth. Tips for Saving The Earth By nurture

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