Tiger woods vs tom

Being lead by temptation affects not Just one person but others. Temptation, arrogance, and lies lead to pain. People who are usually tempted by the love of another woman tend to destroy all things around them. Scandals and cheating usually does not turn out well; Tom from The Great Gatsby and Tiger Woods both experienced this. Although Tom was a fictional character and Tiger Woods lived this first hand, Tom would be able to relate to the regret that Tiger now feels if Tom was not Just a character playing a role in a novel.

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Tom and Tiger Woods are a lot alike and it goes deeper than what meets the eye. Everybody might see the relation between Tom and Tiger both cheating, but people might not take the time to think about what kind of person cheats and what cheating does. Both Tom and Tiger Woods had an affair while they were married and that shows what kind of character both of them have. But the fact that they both made the women they cheated with feel like they were the most important thing to them also sheds light into their character.

Character that is full of deceit and dishonesty, and the affair may last for a short time but when the news gets out then the overall destruction begins. Destruction of not just their own lives, but the lives of the people that are around them. For Tiger Woods when the news of his affair came out many people of the world were shocked, and surprised. People couldn’t believe that the golf superstar with the squeaky clean image could have went outside of his marriage and cheated on his wife.

That was bad enough that he had an affair, but when the rest of the story unfolded and people learned that Tiger had cheated with not Just one woman but multiple women people were Just astonished. After the scandal broke the destruction began, Tiger Woods lost his image that he had obtained over the years by being in the public eye and Just seeming like Mr…. Perfect. Not only did he loose his image but he lost millions of dollars he lost one hundred million dollars alone in his divorce settlement to his wife.

Cheating is something that many women would not stand for, and if they where to find out that their husband or boyfriend had cheated, they would leave and that’s just what she did. When she left she also took their two kids with her so now he no longer has a “family’. His wife and kids are not there, and on top of that he was roped from many of the companies that he endorsed. So the damages that were done by Tiger’s bad decision making were not Just in amounts of money but also in the image he had created and the loss of his family.

The money and image is something he can regain but the amount of emotional distress that he put his family under can never be discounted. It takes a special kind of person to have an affair. A person who doesn’t have a conscience; a cheater can’t have a conscience if they can constantly lie and deceive another person and feel no since of remorse at all. Especially when that person is someone that they say they love. When you marry someone you take a sacred oath and vowel to always love that person. That is something that should be taken seriously and Tiger Woods and Tom alike did not take that seriously.

One reason that neither of the two men took their relationships seriously was because of the arrogance and cockiness that they had developed. An arrogant and cocky attitude can lead to feelings of invincibility, and that’s what Tiger happen to him. But destruction was the consequence of his decision making and for Tom his cockiness was clearly displayed throughout The Great Gatsby. In one particular instance Tom made Nick ride with him to go see Myrtle knowing Nicks relationship to Daisy, so his affair was no longer a secret.

Nick was Daisy’s cousin and Tom knew that but he had such an arrogant attitude that he did not care if he cheated or not. While Tom had an affair with Myrtle and Myrtle was married Just like Tom was he still made her feel like she was the most important thing in the world. He made her feel like he would leave Daisy for her if he could, and from the reports Tiger Woods also made these women feel the same way. Tom and Tiger Woods alike were both successful people who were high up in society but the women they went after were not in the same social category as them.

Myrtle was not as successful as Tom and Tiger Woods did not go for women who were not in the same socio- economic class as him either. Woods was a billion dollar athlete and the women he had an affair with were Just everyday average woman. The fact that Tiger Woods and Tom both went after women with lower economic status also displayed their cocky attitude because they knew that they could have the women if they wanted them. Tiger had the affairs with many different women and Tom had his affair with Myrtle and both Tom and Tiger were married.

While they were having these affairs the two didn’t really seem to have any sort of remorse until they both were about to get caught cheating. In Tiger Woods case there are voice mails that he left on certain women’s phones saying that he would like for them to take their name off the voice mail because his wife had been through the phone and might be giving them a phone call. He seems to care if he went through the trouble of telling the different women to take their name of the vocalism so he could preserve his marriage but if he really cared about his marriage and family he would have stopped having an affair.

But since he did not it shows that he was only trying to cover up the fact that he was cheating even when all of his lies were starting to catch up with him; this Just shows his character. He wasn’t Mr…. Perfect that everyone had made him out to be and Tom was not perfect either. The things people do and the decisions we make in life eave consequences. Tiger Woods and Tom both made certain decision to cheat and have an affair in their lives and it lead to destruction. Not Just destruction of their lives but the lives of the people around them.

Tiger Woods lost millions of dollars and his family. Tom and Myrtles affair all played part in both Myrtle and Gatsby death. People were thinking that Gatsby was having an affair with Myrtle and that he was the driver of the car that caused the fatal accident that Myrtle was involved in. When Wilson came to Tom asking about the driver of the car Tom was quick to say Gatsby. Wilson went to Gatsby house and shot him, all because Tom said that he thought Gatsby was the one having an affair and the driver of the car.

So everyone’s actions led to consequences that they both had to live with, the consequences of destruction that they themselves were responsible for creating; the destruction of themselves, and the people that were around them. Both Tom and Tiger Woods had an affair when they were married They both made the women that they were cheating with feel like they were the most important thing to them Ex: They made the other girl think they would leave there wife for them if hey could When the news of the affairs got out they both turned out really bad.

Tiger lost millions of dollars and Tom’s situation contributed to the death of Gatsby Extremely wealthy men and the wealth lead to their arrogant and untouchable attitudes The women they had affairs with were “below’ them in standards of wealth Tom was a physically abusive person to Daisy and even Myrtle, Tiger was not physically abusive (to what we know) but the things they put their “partners” through was stressful and even mentally abusive They like to control things

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