The turtle and the rabbit

Two variants – the turtle and the rabbit – the whale and the sea slug; both stories tell about a speed race in pairs of animals. The rabbit and the whale were too proud and always bragging about their own ability so both became losers. The turtle won the rabbit by patience while the snail won the whale by ingenuity is the key distinguishing factor. The second tale is different version of the original story “The turtle and the rabbit” at higher-level students.

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Let take the meaning and key studying through broadening the first tale further. The first lesson we all learned from the Asia tale “The turtle and the rabbit” is slow and steady won the race. However, the rabbit did not admit feat. It thought that the turtle won by his careless mistake and it was Just lucky! The rabbit talked to himself “if I don’t sleep, I will run as fast as I can and win the race”. At the results, in the next race, the rabbit became the winner.

It had worked harder with more effort to win. The meaning of this version is fast and consistent will always beat the slow and steady. The race did not stop at this. The turtle was very sad; it did not agree with the race’s result because the rabbit has a fit of God – running fast, from now the rabbit would become arrogant again. Therefore, the turtle continued to dare the rabbit another race and thought out a new way based on its strength – swimming.

The new track had the finishing line on the opposite bank of stream, so the rabbit had to wade through if it wanted to win. According to the predicted result, the turtle was the winner. The lesson from this continuing part is when you want to do something successfully; it is not enough if you Just try and try, you should identify your own strength to have suitable strategies. At that time, in the Jungle there was a running race, cross a wide stream, with two animals in one team. The turtle and the rabbit decided to become a team.

The race began, on the dirt road, the turtle got on the rabbit’s back, and they ran together faster than any animals. Reversely, at the stream, the rabbit sat on the turtle’s back. At last, they went cross the other bank safely and won the race in the shortest time. In team, they performed their duties perfectly. This factor is the same as the ingenious winning way in version “The whale and the sea slug” that the snail invited TTS friends to help because it knew it could not swim as fast as the whale.

In their life, there are some difficult things we cannot do by ourselves, you should ask for other people’s help from teachers, parent’s, friends… We can broaden the original story “The turtle and the rabbit” to have different variants above. From those, we learn meaningful lessons about trying all your best by using your own strengths, always improving yourself from keeping learning, other’s help and never giving up your purposes by any obstacles. The turtle and the rabbit By Bach Train-NagyГ©n

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