The Truman Show Movie Review

The Truman Show, Truly Remarkable The Truman Show is a movie that orbits the life of Just one person. That person is the character Truman Burbank 01m Carrey). Truman has no idea his every move is being broadcasted as a live show throughout the world. Christof (Ed Harris) is represented as “God” in this movie as he controls Truman’s life. Christof tells all the actors what there rolls are in his show as well as control the weather, time of day, etc. Several efforts were made to tell Truman about his fake life but they were futile in their attempts.

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In the start of the film, Truman’s life is exposed to the viewers. They show us what his life is like in the present and then we see a brief flashback of his past. It might appear a bit boring, but it’s so captivating that you will love the movie from the very beginning. I personally loved the unique idea of the whole film. The way that the writer Andrew Niccol put everything together is distinctive but he still managed to do it in a fascinating manner.

The film brings you various emotions as Truman’s Journey, through his unordinary life, begins on the day of his birth. The setting chosen by the director Peter Weir was great as all the houses and ards were repetitive. It almost showed an overview of Truman’s life in a nutshell. Jim Carrey played his role accurately in the melancholic scenes as well as the elated scenes. Marlon (Noah Emmerich) was also a strength of the movie working alongside of Christof and Truman’s wife, Meryl (Laura Lenney).

Jim Carrey managed to change his regular comedy role to a more serious and dramatic role taking part in this movie. Although the acting was on point with the scripts, I did not enjoy the whole fakeness of the movie. The thing that bothered me was Christofs giant spaceship where he overwatched Truman. I honestly even giggled a little when I saw the ridiculousness of the idea. It also brought my attention that it required hundreds of actors 2417 for Christof to keep his show running. Some of the ideas introduced weren’t even slightly believable.

Even though many good ideas were brought up with the movies, a few bad ones were shown too. Another example of these would be how Christof could control nature. The cost of this show would be unbelievably high. To sum it up, I Just didn’t enjoy the unrealistic plots that the movie portrayed. Jim Carrey played his role well acting as a clueless person Just trying to live his life ormally before noticing that he’s being followed. He changes his role from comedy to more dramatic movies and he did it well too.

Toward the ending of the movie he is on a boat and you can see the changes of his emotions as he comes across what’s been holding him back all this time. Laura Lenney also plays her role well as a successful actress who is acting as Truman’s wife in a reality show. Laura played her role well and added comedy relief to tense scenes. Ed Harris’s acting was phenomenal especially during the dramatic scenes. He shows care towards Truman and you can almost see him as having a fatherly love owards him in his role.

I was definitely impressed by the amount passion he showed scene was before he brought out Truman’s father (Noah Delate) were he definitely managed to thrill me with his powerful acting. The movie was amazing with various unexpected plot twists and unbelievable acting all together in one. I recommend this movie to anyone looking for an unordinary movie with great plots and ideas. The Truman show is one of the freshest and innovative films to come out of Hollywood. I would defiantly recommend this movie to everyone in general looking to be impressed by a creative film. Rating: 4 out of 5

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