The Second To Last Day Of Seventh Grade

I guess all the emotions started pouring out when the slide show came on. All the girls in my science class started to cry, and my friends Dawn, Mackey,Carlisle and I Just smiled and laughed at the pictures. When class was over, I went to meet up with some of my friends in my next class. I guess that in almost all of our classes all we did was finish any project we had left and hung out with our friends in the classrooms that we were in. In my sixth hour class, my teacher Ms. Eke instructed that we were allowed to go anywhere in the 7th grade hallway, so my friends and I definitely took advantage of hat opportunity.

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The first thing we did was go downstairs, “we need to find Roman” Allah insisted. Penny gave me a look saying that she was annoyed. I gave her a cheesy smile that said we should Stool so we didn’t have to go and find Roman with Allah. Maid and Arians came running to catch up with us. Where’d you guys go!? ” asked Maid with great curiosity. Arians asked where Chad was, all of us looked around the hall, ” maybe he’s upstairs. ” said Penny. All of us decided to look for Chad, so we walked up the staircase in the seventh grade hall.

As I looked up from walking the first case of stairs I saw y friend Japan, he smiled at me and poked my side. “Owl” I purpose to see what he would say. He Just smiled, and exaggerated on I smiled back, then I poked his arm, “owe! You Minnie! ” he exaggerated too. Muff poked me first, you’re a Minnie! ” we laughed, “Rottener! ” Penny “See you later” I said, He smiled, and I walked up the called “coming! ” I replied, last stair case. “Ooh! ” said Penny, as she gave me a cheesy smile. I laughed and shoved her a little, then I walked back into Ms. Ex.’s class.

All of us sat in a corner and talked for the longest time, we talked about trance and random things like what we might do when we got older, who will live with who, how we would want to die! To you it might seem strange, but to our group, it’s a really funny thing to think about. ” When I die, at my funeral, I want you to get down on your knees at my coffin and say, I will avenge you!!! When Mr… Young announced that it was time to go outside, my friends and I booked it. We were all very excited to go outside. Our group sat against a wall outside and after we each got a popsicle, we continued our strange conversation.

Penny, and a few of my other friends pulled out their yearbooks and we darted going through them. My cousin Jose came and took Penny’s yearbook out of her hands. I gasped. No one takes Penny’s things! If you mess with Penny, then you get pounded! (l thought he knew that. ) Penny and I started chasing after Jose, when we finally tackled him, Penny grabbed her yearbook and beat the stupid out of Jose, I laughed. “Now he knows not to mess with you! ” after that entertainment the bell rang, I went over to go say bye to Right my other friends, we all hugged and looked forward to tomorrow, and the next day, all looked forward to next year.

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