The Reluctant Fundamentalist Review Paper

The plot revolves around Changed, a Pakistani boy who goes off to study t Princeton, subsequently scoring a Job at Underworld Samson. Before starting employment, he goes to Greece where he falls for the coquette Eric, played by the svelte Kate Hudson. Following this courtship the twin-towers are attacked and Changed finds himself a victim to the many acts of degradation faced by people from the subcontinent in America especially Pakistanis.

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Not being able to take US interference in Pakistanis affairs coupled with his current treatment in the US Changed slowly begins to distance himself from his Job and ultimately we find him teaching at Lahore University, as a pedant of unacceptable and ascetic US intervention in Pakistan, however, the film coherently clarifies that he’s also an agnostic of irrational anti-US belief.

The story shifts to the present day scenario where Rainier, an American professor and a colleague of Changed, is kidnapped with the kidnappers asking for the release of 690 detainees from the Got Elkhart Muslim concentration camp in return along with seven hundred thousand ponds for children in Waistband. A CIA informant, Bobby Lincoln, arranges a meeting with Changed at a caféГ© in Lahore, as the latter is found to be accused or suspected of being involved in he kidnapping case.

The movie reaches its climax when during their conversation and exchange of information, protests and rallies grow, and Bobby becomes suspicious of Changed for constantly sending text messages. Meanwhile, CIA lets Bobby know of Rainiest death, causing him to drag Changed out of the caféГ© by shoving gun at his head. Due to the unrest, Bobby accidental shoots one of Change’s militant tyros out CIA Arles ml out AT ten predicament Ana later reveals It to ml that Changed had been sending messages to his sister, Bind, and he had already accepted the offer to work with CIA.

The film ends with a dichotomy of two scenes, one at Sesame’s funeral with Changed and the second at the hospital where Bobby recalls Change’s last words, “faces can lead to deception”. The film is set in New York and Old Delhi. Mira has taken great pains to make sure the protagonist comes across as a demagogue in the latter part of the film. The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a connoisseur on the respective subject, in the medium of film, with an apt screenplay and dead right cinematography. Therefore, it becomes a necessary watch for those who desire to watch on screen what Mission Humid had put in words.

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