The Relationship Between Smart Phones and People

The Relationship Between Smart Phones and People Smart phone is a significant innovation and is a symbol of the globe information age arises. The advantages of smart phones are that not only are people able to call and answer but they can also install software to play games, surf the net and listen to music. Then, smart phones only change and emphasize how people communicate in many ways, however, they will not break the relationship with people. Firstly, people are more easily to contact and follow someone’s Twitter while they have smart phones; they can hear the sound and see the face of the friends and families for an affordable price.

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Technology improves and develops smart phone to be more human. Although many people believe that people playing with their phones may wreck their friendships, smart phones provide many positive experiences to stay in touch with people, including social networks, the cost of calling and humankind applications. First of all, feature phones change life simple and easy, and the reason is that these kinds of the phones lack of social network. Smartened have a lot of attractions from the Internet.

For instance, users can upload their imagery, writings and videos to their Backbone, Twitter and blob instantly; then everyone can share something that append around them. As a result, people are able to follow their friends’ activities, comment writings and have new friends. People will know what their friends have done without asking. Moreover, people may lose touch and later find their old school friends in the primary, secondary or even the high school through the applications in the smart phones.

Furthermore, people use cellophanes to scan the news, the magazines and books, they have more fresh and interesting topics to talk about when they have a meal with their friends, and therefore more interactive with each other. Smartness provide a great deal of information to share and respond. More importantly, feature phones have a high cost of calling, testing messages and other fees. Though Smartness are not cheap, it is no doubt that they help people save money because no one wants to spend a lot on calling.

For example, in the past, people needed to pay much money for long distance and international calls. Therefore, people might call their family or friends once in a while. However, if people use smartness, they can spend less money to talk for longer. Moreover, there is an application in the smartness called Group; Group offers cheaper rises for many activities, people may buy tickets and with friends and go together on a weekend. In addition, smartness have Wi-If and connect is free from time to time. There is no cost to message and call when using wireless.

Smartness reduce the price of calling and motivate people keep in touch. Finally, a phone is easier to use for most people due to the less functions. In contrast, smart phone is more complex and humankind due to a lot of applications, which help people close. For example, people could only text message and voice call before; they could not see their facial expression. In addition, programmers create the emotion signs for cellophane users right now; sometimes, these signs are compounded with letters, testing people.

Also, leaving a vocal message is more popular and intimate with friends and families. Sometimes, people find it difficult to explain something by words and it is not necessary to have a call; they may use the chatting applications to send a voice message. These applications use data plans instead of extra money. In addition, if people wish to meet someone and talk, they can have a video call instead. People can see someone at anytime when they use Keep and Weight. Definitely, hose applications are helpful tools and merely help people to more conveniently contact each other.

The fact is, when people have smart phones; the communications between people will not less. Due to there are a lot of activities that people can do together with their friends and families. In addition, people use smartness can communicate through social network, reduce the payment of calling fees and choose one of varied convenient applications to contact. If someone does not agree with these opinions, why not consider leaving the smartened at home and using the feature phone for one day to have expected answer?

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