The Precious and Prevailing Times of the Puritans

The Precious and Prevailing Times of the Puritans and the Amiss Many hands get things done. When everyone contributes they reach their goal faster and more efficiently. The Puritans came about during the sass’s, and this astounding group of people was portrayed by the four tenets: industriousness, temperance, sobriety, and simplicity. Industriousness was the most important to the Puritans during their time; because they used both physical and mental factors to be successful in maintaining a fruitful and well-rounded environment.

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Puritans along tit the Amiss share a lot of the same values, but most importantly industriousness. In 1620, The Puritans began their long and intrepid Journey to originally Virginia, but their final destination ended up being along the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts(The Puritans in New England: A Spiritual Journey). They ventured for the Americas to fulfill their wish of returning to a more simple religion. To make the matter worse, before a small advance group left Europe many were persecuted because they refused to change to fit with the new laws based on the churches beliefs and practices.

After they arrived in the New World, it became evident that hey were full of Joy, but seeking for succor. They were unfamiliar with the land and most were sick with scurvy and other diseases (Bradford 71). The Puritans did the best they could to adapt to this new environment. By the time spring came, the Indians were ready to show their faces to the new colonists. With patience they spoke and understood each other, and then one day Samoset introduced the Puritans to Squanto.

Squanto had traveled many miles to meet them, he brought with him many techniques and tips to share with the Puritans, so they could better survive and procure other commodities to everyday life. Although they made it through this very tough time, they worked notoriously to get there by the use of industriousness. They had to fix the Mayflower when it almost collapsed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, they had to take care of the sick every night and day with around the clock care, and they had to create a new everything when they had arrived with nothing.

Without industriousness the community would have collapsed and vanished into thin air. Industriousness was the building block to help them achieve their goals. This proves that this value was very important to the Puritan society, by giving them the man rower to push through their survival in a harsh, unknown, and industrialized area. Similar to the Puritans, the Amiss also use industriousness to this day to create a stable and balanced civilization.

Although the Amiss came to America at a much later date, they are very different than normal civilized outsiders. The Amiss are also very their religion freely and not get discriminated against. Amiss are very industrious people, according to Timothy L. Gall; Amiss children only need to attend school up until the eighth grades, then they go to work for full time on their families’ farm or cuisines. Some may continue their education to perfect their skills in a certain subject, but education is not one thing of much importance to this culture.

Amiss strive to do their best while working. They do not use modern conveniences to help them do their Job. For example, they do not use telephones, have electricity or heating, and farm without the use of tractors. “… Maintaining strict church discipline is considered to be an important principle in strengthening both the spiritual and social bonds of the community. “(Gall 48-54) The Amiss believe very strongly about heir religion and they cherish it day to day. They work every single day harder than the last.

Hoping to one day go to heaven for all their hard diligence and dedication to themselves and the people around them. The most crucial value to the Puritans was industriousness, and for the Amiss it still is today. In the past, this value helped better society for the Puritans. In the present, the Amiss use this value to help better shape their lives and to help to ones around them. Based on these facts, industriousness was and is the most crucial piece to service and to better shape civilizations in the ulterior.

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