The plight of a child

Helping Homeless Youth A. What is the problem? A. There are homeless youth without supervision on the streets of America b. They are abusing substances and that may be the cause of them being homeless c. Their family does not accept their lifestyle (LIGHT) B. What is being done to fix the problem? A. Shelters are being built specifically for them b. People are getting the word out c. Giving kids hope d. Foundations are being created C. What is not done? A. More shelters need to be built b. Awareness not raised enough c. Safety regulations need to be changed d.

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Acknowledgement of their accomplishment D. How can we/you help? A. Volunteer b. Be there for someone c. Give all that you can d. Help raise awareness “Is it not to share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house; when you see the naked, to cover him, and not to hide yourself from your own flesh? ” (Isaiah 58:7) What is the problem? It is so easy to Just live your daily life without noticing the people you pass by on your way home from work. It is easy to Just turn the music up and keep your eyes forward but, how, at the same time, is it so hard?

You cannot bear to look into the eyes of that a Day ten sloe AT ten street, out you cannot stop staring Into tenet soul. Many Kilos on the street can feel helpless, but they are not hopeless. A lack of guidance and ignorance cause these youth to be without shelter. While there are efforts to help the youth, there is still more that can be done and those who are concerned can help, There are many reasons that a child could be on the streets of America tonight. They could be on substances, their parent’s could have lost their Job and then their house, their parent’s might not accept their lifestyle, or a myriad of other reasons.

In any case, they should be helped. We must be able to show Chrism’s love to everyone, ND most of all, the homeless. “Jesus replied, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head. ” (Matthew 8:20) Christ, himself, was homeless and he says to you who help the least of these because that is helping him. These homeless youth in the United States is estimated to be 1. 6 million, and that is one in every forty children (Mantra). One in forty-five of America’s future adults and leaders are on the streets hiding or begging for food.

It is Just breath taking to think that that many children are on our streets while we are bundled up in our warm, cozy beds. The population of America has surged passed 300 million people, so that is . 53% of America. That may not seem like much, but that is still 1. 6 million people. Wicked it be easier to not look passed that if they were part of your family or someone you knew? Most of the kids are not looking for a handout either. They Just want help to get by, food to live, and a warm enough place to sleep. Many of these youth are homeless because of their parent’s.

They do not accept the life-style that the youth wishes to lead. Even on the streets, their life-style might not be accept, which leads to homophobic violence. Almost half of Chicago homeless youth identify as LIGHT, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, or Queer (Franco). I find it quite deplorable that parent’s will throw their child out on the street because they do not agree with them. How is that showing Chrism’s love? Christ loved everyone, no matter the fault. So, why do we, as Christians, put labels on people and not help them because their sin is different than ours?

Granted, not every parent that kicks out his or her child is Christian, but about 80% of America is Christian (Wonky). So, it is safe to assume that most of the parent’s tossing out their youth are Christian. In this recession, youth homelessness has increased incredibly. There are 28% more homeless youth now than there was in 2007. Chrism’s followers should have heartache for these youth. “Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, and serve the Lord. ” (Romans 12:11) . As Christians, we should not be apathetic to God’s word and these helpless youth.

We are called to help in any way possible the poor. Christians should not let an opportunity to share Christ pass. Youth have a very acute ear when they are being helped. Some of these youth are with parent’s that cannot feed them. They do not get food often, maybe but once a day. Soup kitchens are increasing getting better at providing quality food, but they cannot provide for everyone (Rating). What is being done to fix the problem? Homeless youth are not helpless or hopeless. Some are getting the help they need, wanly Is amazing, out some are not.

Many organizations are getting ten word out and are trying to help the best they can. Sadly, funding is a major issue. It is essential that these youth be helped. They, along with every other youth, are the future leaders of America. They can accomplish great things, with help. For instance, Isis, a reciprocity student became a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. Isis was kicked out on the street because her parent’s did not accept that she was a transgender. (Homeless) It is breath taking to think that Isis, with a little help, accomplished so much.

In another instance of someone helping, the True Colors foundation is helping the LIGHT youth. The recently had a benefit concert and all the profits went straight to helping the youth. Because of their great strides and selflessness, enough money was raised to erect a 30-apartment residence for the LIGHT youth in New York. Peters) It is that kind of effort that pays off. The foundation put something to their minds and they got something done. These youth do not want a handout either. Some of them are self-sufficient and all they want is a safe place to lay their head.

They try so hard to Just find a safe place to stay and they end up with the wrong person they picked up at a bar “cuddling” for a night and are out on the street then next morning. (Franco) Many do not agree with their lifestyle and that is okay, but Jesus loved the rich, poor, sick, well, the thief, and the tax collector. Who are some people to say that they are above loving someone because of their lifestyle? It is okay to disagree, but that does not mean a person should not do everything possible to help a person out, no matter their orientation. Most of these youth are Just trying to get by.

They do not want a hand out, and do not want their hand held and guided along. The youth Just want a helping hand to get back on their feet. The reciprocity foundation takes this a step further though. They put these children in a situation that is comforting and productive. It is pitiful that a person who does not profess to be of any religion helps the LIGHT out more than most Christians would even think to do. “Tara Banks partnered with the Reciprocity Foundation to create an episode of America’s Next Top Model to educate teens about youth homelessness. (Homeless) She used her show, which reaches millions every week, to educate teens. We are called to love all, even our enemies. While they should not be seen as enemies, the principle still applies. Love all, care for all, and help all. After reading this, you may feel compelled to help, and you may ask how can I help? Well, there are many shelters that are need your time and effort. Some shelters Hough, will require you to go through stringent tests and evaluations, but they are much needed for the safety of the children. (Franco) The leaders of the shelters Just want what is best for these misunderstood youth.

Money is also a big help, and so can opening your home too youth. It may be difficult to take in someone, but Just think of the influence that you could have on that child. The youth you take in may feel helpless and hopeless, but you bringing them into a better environment might be what they need to change the world. To run a single bed with all the amenities needed to make the youth feel secure and safe is bout 40,000 dollars, but taking in a child for a year costs Just a fraction of that at 8,100 collars. (Franco) Effort is a huge thing.

It is understandable, especially in the current economy, that you cannot give your money, but your time and effort will be welcomed with open arms. Many scrape every penny they can Just to keep their head above water, and they work two Jobs full time in order Just to put a piece of bread in their child’s mouth. They do not have a lot of time to help others, but there is always time. For instance, my father works a full time Job and was going to college at the same mime, but he always found time to spend with me and to do other things necessary for himself and me such as grocery shopping.

He maybe got 2-3 hours of sleep a night before he woke up and did the same exact thing again. He made the effort to do what was best for me. While this is not a perfect example because I was neither homeless nor in great need, he made the effort and squeezed as much time as he could out of his schedule to help someone else and you can do the same. It is not necessary to get 2-3 hours of sleep Just to help someone, but there are always days off that you can help instead of staying home and doing nothing. There is always holidays like Thanksgiving that you could work at a soup kitchen and give out a Thanksgiving meal.

People are dedicating their lives to this cause of helping the homeless and even more so certain sects of the homeless population such as the LIGHT youth. Bambini Weevil is a prime example of this as she is an activist for gay rights. After a few years out of college, she started an organization called Out Impact to raise concerns when it comes to the LIGHT. She tries to do everything she can to help these youth because according to Weevil, “”It’s important to me because we do need change in this entry, as well as accountability for all citizens,” she says. L believe it’s important to have your voice heard and to speak up for those who feel powerless to do so, or can’t. ” (Kay). ” As Christians, are we not supposed to fight for those who do not have a voice? We are to fight for the children, widowed, and others that are helpless. Should we disregard these youth because they are homeless or are LIGHT? No, of course we should not. We should treat them equally because we are all equal in the eyes of God. We all sin, Just because their sin is homosexuality does not mean they are worse than we are. In fact, it makes them Just like us, sinful.

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