The Perfect Date

What exactly is a perfect date? It can be as simple as a candlelight dinner or as outgoing as a trip to an amusement park. Some dates last a few hours while some are all day long. My perfect date would last all day with my significant other of 10 months! As we drive along 1-73 to Myrtle Beach in his sleek black Ionians Ultimatum, we blast our favorite rap and R&B songs with the windows down. We approach the beach about 2 hours later and park at the first spot we see. The ocean washing up against the shore is the first thing we hear.

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The wind is blowing through my hair and the sun lights up his big hazel eyes. We get out the car and walk out onto the beach to find a nice cool spot to set up our blanket. The soft white sand went in between my toes as I spot the little seashells. We set up our blanket in a cool comfortable spot then put our feet in the cold seaweed infested water. We splash each other and kiss in the sunlight. Finally around 7 pm, we settle on our blanket and watch the big range sun set among the horizon and reflect in the ocean in each other’s arms.

At 8 pm, we go out to eat. We drive down the long strip of tourists attractions and find a restaurant that fits both of our hunger needs: Outback Steakhouse. We park in front of the crowded building. We stand in the long line to get a seat. Soon, we reach our table and order our delicious food. He orders a big sirloin steak while I order a nice juicy burger. After enjoying our dinner, we decide we want dessert. We don’t want just any dessert so we go to dairy queen, home of the best ice cream ever!

As we go back to our car and onto the strip of many stores and shops, we spot the big Q down the street. He gets excited and speeds into the parking lot. We order our favorite desserts: an ore milkshake and chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone with sprinkles. We go back in the car and enjoy our frozen treats. As we ponder on what we should do next, we remembered that the new Insidious movie is coming out that night! We drive around looking for the nearest cinema while I Google movie times.

The street is filled with party goers and palm trees. The smell of saltwater fills the air, making you feel as if you’re renewed. The sounds of horns blaring ring thru our ears. After 10 minutes of driving, we finally reach our destination. We come across a busy movie theatre that’s starring many movies including Insidious. We park the car and get out to buy 2 tickets to see the movie. According to the previews on television, it’s going to be scarier than the first movie. Luckily, my significant other is with me so I feel more protected.

We go inside and get the best seat at the top of the theatre. Once the movie starts, we scream as the scary objects and people pop out of unexpected places. Once the movie ends, we get in the car to head back home. We reminisce on all the fun simple activities we did through the day. He opens up to me and tells me how he feels about me. He goes on to say how much he enjoyed our date together and nothing could compare to it. The perfect date is Just the time you spend with someone you care about and living it to the fullest. My perfect date

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