The introduction of a white heron

Introduction to A White Heron Essay Step by step getting closer to the moonlight reflecting the destination of Sylvia long waited soaring pine tree. This girl thinks she is on one serious mission which is climbing that big pine tree that is tall as Bur] Tuba. The eagerness of climbing that tree gives hints to the reader that she is slowly developing confidence to reach the final line. The author, Sarah Erne Jowett dramatists Sylvia characterizing success by throwing heaps of literary devices on how her own “dangerous” adventure comes to an end.

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To begin with, Sylvia is in a moonlight adventure through the wood s heading towards the tallest but the oldest pine tree stretching out to the universe. One of its last generations it stands at the edge of the woods facing the sea swiftly dancing beneath the glowing moon. Sylvia arrival to the tree lets her eagerness grow. She starts to climb, climbing With her bare feet and fingers, that pinched and held like bird’s claws to the monstrous ladder reaching up, up, almost to the sky itself. Toward the peak of the old pine tree, Sylvia whole body is intense. ‘She has often climbed here, and knew the higher still one of the oaks upper branches chafed against the pine trunk, Just where its lower boughs were set close together. ‘ As said Sylvia has often climbed this old pine tree numerous times before therefore young Sylvia knows exactly where to avoid and which part of the tree is safe to climb to reach the peak of the pine tree.

Up as she goes the harder it gets due to the tree trying to stop her from reaching her goal. The sharp dry twigs caught and held her and scratched her like angry talons, the pitch made her thin little fingers clumsy and stiff as she went mound and round the tree’s great stem,’ You can see the effort Sylvia is placing as she is going on without giving up fighting back trying to get across. Her mind is set on one thing and only which makes her goals more challenging.

Almost to the end, Jowett adds in the courage Sylvia takes to reach the peak of the pine tree ‘More than all the hawks, and bats, and moths, and even the sweet voiced thrushes, was a brave, beating heart of the solitary gray-eyed child. ‘ This explains mostly everything Sylvia wanted, as in, in that sentence she got herself a caring pine ere letting her reach her goal she aimed from the beginning, had audience cheering her as she made her way through.

Yes, there was the sea with the dawning sun making a golden dazzle over it, and toward that glorious east flew two hawks with slow-moving pinions. ‘ This gives the reader an image what kind of view Sylvia is facing and how she is enjoying the moment with her on top on the pine tree. Not only the view but also feelings like ‘Sylvia felt as if she too could go flying away among the clouds. ‘ that little adventurous girl reaching the tree-top she sympathizes how it loud feel if she was able to fly like the Heron over the sea among the clouds. P. Looking up Sylvia notices things she normally doesn’t Westward, the woodlands and farms reached miles and miles into the distance; here and there were church steeples, and white villages, truly it was a vast and awesome world. ‘ this sentence shows us that little Sylvia isn’t little anymore, like facing the one goal and only, which is the pine tree but facing the world. As a result, the tree symbolizes the tree of life’. Representing Sylvia growth of adventure which leads to her childhood Journey to an end

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