The importance of religion in intellegent

Theory on religious evolutionary growth- points/ notes Religion helped societies form and societies evolved humans minds- Humans have always been superstitious animals, using myths and simple ideas about supernatural beings to explain the world around them. As early humans began to conglomerate into larger groups holding these groups together and getting them to work towards common goals would have been increasingly difficult. This is where leadership comes into play, to direct and hold together large societies a leader who everyone followed was lee to holding together what would have fallen into smaller pieces.

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Holding these societies together was integral to the advances that led to creation of modern civilization. Ancient leaders “preserved law codes, and Justified their rule by proclaiming their king to be DIVINE” (making of the west, people and cultures peg 13) This holds true in every large ancient society, such as Egypt, Mayans, Inca, Aztec etcetera. As these large societies grew their common people would have had to have feared and respected their leaders under the strong belief that they were Divine or else they would not be so willing to follow their words and laws.

However the members of early society had a distinct advantage over people who were not in a society; they had more food and shelter and protection allowing them to reproduce offspring in larger numbers which allowed their genetic code to propagate greatly. Over large expanses of time, through allocations of epigenetic these societal humans bread strongly the psychological traits based around gullibility complexes/ blind faith along with distinct physical structures in the brain such as the “god spot”, raids that are passed on to further generations.

The conditions of Society itself evolved the human mind to readily except religious beliefs and experience strong religious feelings and ideals– a result of natural selection a process which favored those who made the most numerous and healthiest offspring were the members of large societies, societies which demented strong religious belief to be a part of. The “God spot” and other significant scientific findings. The god spot is a small structure on the temporal lobe; the temporal lobe is essential for processing sensory input and assists in coordination of speech, special navigation, and long-term memory.

When this spot is stimulated, patients report feeling strong presences of “god” or other supernatural or supreme entities in the room with them. This section has been found to be activated naturally by chanting and mantras usually associated with religious ceremony such as in church, I have personally experienced this strongly in church service, a feeling of what I thought was god’s presence coming to me, it was a powerful experience and made me tear up and gave me almost a euphoric state.

But it was Just a feeling—and perhaps if I were schizophrenic or hallucinating on mushrooms I would have also “heard” god speak to me- I believe this spot evolved over the last 30000 years but accelerated in the last 10000 to present from societal pressures views, the views of their Deity (god), and the views of average Americans on a range of controversial issues such as lethal euthanasia while having their brain activity scanned.

The results showed that thinking about Divine views activated the exact name regions as thinking about their own views, indicating that when believing themselves to be consulting a Divine moral compass they were really searching their own conscience. This study puts into perspective the existence of religious experiences being completely imaginary and ego based, I would expect this study, carried out on children with imaginary friends instead of a deity, to have the exact same results, showing theist’s personal relationship with their deity to be neurologically identical to a child’s relationship with their imaginary friend- imaginary.

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