The end of men

The End of Men “The End of Men” is an article from the paper The Atlantic written by Hanna Rosin in July/August 2010. The article focus on subjects as equality, feminism, scientific- and economic changes, and with a lot of examples from movies, parliamentary elections etc. You’re able to understand the context in which this article is written in. The article is approximately four pages long, and even though some times the article slowly distances it from the main themes you find a connection back to the main theme.

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If you didn’t understand the power changes between the genders which have merged in the last century before reading the article, you understand it after reading it. After few lines you know what the article is going to deal with. Hanna Rosin engages the reader by raising some serious questions. Questions as “But what if quality isn’t the end point? ” and “What if the modern postindustrial society is simply better suited to women? ” catches the intention of the reader, which is seized immediately. Hanna Rosin prevails the reader to keep reading and not Just Jump to the next article in the paper.

The language of the article is very essential when dealing with the reader of the article. The language has been kept simple and understandable for anyone who speaks English. Hanna Rosin has written this article in a rather simple language because she tries to address her message and theme to rich as well as poor. If the language had been formal and illegible she had lost some women and men with lower education and other who come from lower social classes. As mentioned earlier the writers name is Hanna Rosin, and when dealing with feminism and equality you need to remember her gender when reading “The End of Men”.

When dealing with feminism can neither a man nor a woman be totally objective and this article also appears a bit biased. If Rosin had written a whole article based on her own observations and subjectivity the result hadn’t been as reliable, but throughout the article she uses comments from others, which strengthen the argument of the article. For instance in the first passage below the picture on page one, where you get introduced to a biologist called Ronald Ericson. Ericson has a key position in Hanna Rosin’s article because he shows the development of the male mentality towards women.

Ronald Ericson invented and leased a method to separate the chromosomes in sperm in the late asses which meant the beginning of an age where people could choose between boys and girls. Ericson was at that time a male chauvinist and the feminists of that time didn’t liked some of his statements because they believed that he was a conservative male who wanted to mass-produced boys. Looking back at these forty year old statements makes Ericson laugh. He had predicted that the population would choose boys instead of girls.

The population is choosing girls instead of boys and even Ericson understand why this is happening. He tells us about his grandkids, and how his granddaughter is brighter than hell and has a winner mentality. His grandson is also bright but the different between men and women are their mentality. This mentality different might has its origin from the dawn of mankind. Men have always been preferred and the first born son has always been special, but in modern society this seems that the men’s size and physical strength can’t longer equalize their lack of hard work mentality.

Their working mentality must change otherwise men will become inferior. The whole article is full of examples of strong female figures and statistics which show female superiority at work and in education. Liberties president s used to show how some countries perhaps need a maternal figure to conquer problems as war and poverty. Rosin points out aid agencies which focus on female progress in political institutions all over the globe. She even claims that greater power and responsibility will provide economic success.

But where is the firm proof of this? In the wreckage of the Great Recession seventy-five percent of the dismissed were men, and Rosin claims that college women, whom she interviewed when writing this article, anticipate that their boyfriends and husbands become stay-home dads, while the women provide the home. They predict a change from the old patriarchal family to the new matriarchal family. To bring every male reader with a bit of self- confidence left to their knees, Rosin gives an example of the phenomenon “cougar”.

George Clooney, America’s biggest womanlier, plays a character that is rejected by younger colleagues. George Clooney begins a relationship with an older woman, but is later rejected by her too. How is there any hope left, if the womanlier of America gets rejected? These changes are very much happening all over the world. The speed of these changes depend on both the economical- and sociological state of the actions, but with new global communication such as Faceable, Online newspapers and the internet in general these changes will blossom.

The awareness has grown and the news often deals with female rights and bad treatment of women all over the world. This development has started and can’t be stopped. A young woman from Liberia who scores A in political science will most likely get motivated when she reads and article about another elected female prime minister in Europe on the internet. History shows that it’s the young generation who makes the biggest change in society and it’s most likely this generation who will turn the male vs… Male upside down.

The article has been written to make both men and women realize the changes in the past and the changes that will come in the future. These changes are inevitable and the sooner people realize this, the better. Men need to step up and women need to continue their individualizing to emerge a better future. As mentioned in the article Iceland has elected an openly lesbian as their Prime Minister, who was elected partially because of her campaign against the former male elite, who she claimed had ruined the bank system of Iceland. She even went as far as vowing that the end he “age of testosterone” was coming.

A statement like this proofs how much things have changed in modern days. In today’s America women are getting better educations than men, and fact that men aren’t longer getting hired partly because of their gender, shows that women are headed in the right direction. The new generation of powerful females will change the mentality even more. Maybe the future women won’t have a tendency to vote socialistic, but because of their new role and power position they vote for lower taxes and other liberalism’s key issues. Who knows? Only the future can tell.

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