The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line Issues- one of the many things a society should be aware of and must therefore not be taken for granted. Many of which had evolve as generations went by. A couple of which had already been solved, others had Just emerged, while some were carried on from generation to generation. As technology became more and more complex, problems associated with it can never be avoided. Nowadays, our society is facing an alarming number of issues that mostly were the results of, and somehow has a link to the past generations’ unsolved problems.

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Issues that had not yet been taken action or action had been taken already but didn’t ark out; issues that as the days pass by, become harder and harder to resolve. Robbery, homicide, suicide, unemployment, out-off school children, migration, and even corruption, are interconnected to each other and by some meaner has a linkage to the so-called poverty issue our society had been trying to solve over the past years. People become corrupt, thieves, murderers, for they have to acquire more money in order to sustain their daily necessities.

Being corrupt affects the economic life of the society which may lead to its tremendous drop. As a result, more and more people get unemployed. Parent’s can no longer send their children to school and thus, would give them no other option but to migrate to other countries in order to find a Job and earn for a living. While others would feel like quitting which later on misdirect them to ending their lives. But these are not the only concerns.

As stated earlier, technology advancement also has its huge part. As the world’s great minds develop more advanced devices, the more this planet gets destructed. Even the smallest gadget emits harmful substances that can greatly affect the environment. Pollution, may it be air, water, garbage, noise, s Just some of its effect on the surroundings. All of these forms of pollution lead to situations men can no longer control. Such are the calamities and sudden climate change plaguing our planet these days.

If these issues mentioned were to be summed up in a diagram, all would be linked down to the bottom line cause- the deteriorating values of the people, or to be more specific, of the youth. Ethical manners and moral values seem to have slowly faded away as the years went by. How did this happen? It all starts from the very basic unit of society, the family. Family- it is where the youths’ attitudes towards life are set first; t is where they are molded into who they will be today and in the future.

Elder members of the family act as role models to the younger ones, and if habits that can no longer be tolerated are being shown by them, then it wouldn’t be a shock if the young ones are influenced by it as they grew up. Furthermore, the people that surround them- friends, neighbors- can either make things worse or help them change into better individuals. If the latter happens and family members practices environment- an environment where moral values are preserved and fewer issues are being faced- will no longer be impossible.

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