The Atomic Cafe

He stated that the mob would not start a chain reaction in the water, converting it all to gas and making all the ships in the ocean drop down to the bottom. He continued by saying the bomb would also not blow out the bottom of the sea and let water run down the hole. It would not destroy gravity and lastly he stressed that he was not performing this test to satisfy any of his personal desires or whims.

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When I saw this clip in both films, I thought that it seemed silly to think that had even a possibility of happening UT later on in the movie, I started to see how frequently people worried about the A- bomb and I probably would have been equally as worried if I grew up during that era. Something that The Atomic CafeГ© incorporated into the film that I had not seen elsewhere was the use of U. S. Army training videos and Army information films. One of the training videos showed a communist advocate and then showed U. S. Oldie’s telling her to be thankful for the country she lives in because she would not have the opportunity to openly protest over in Russia. This then lead into the discussion of the Rosenberg spies and their execution. The film showed the protests of their death and signs that read: “Don’t fry them, they’ll stink too bad” and ” Don’t let two children be orphaned. ” Radio clips allowed the whole execution processed to be documented and presented to the American public. The Atomic CafeГ© definitely incorporates many propaganda clips that were most likely used to persuade Americans to accept the A-bomb.

For instance, there were any clips of more experienced soldiers assuring younger soldier that the tests are safe and equipping them with safety precautions such as film badges’ that supposedly could detect lethal doses of radiation. The film also showed clips of classrooms where the youth were being educated with ‘duck and cover’ techniques and learning how to pack survival kits in case they ever needed to live in a bomb shelter. Homes at this time were even adding bomb shelters to their layout, which a clip humorously added, any mother needs for days when her children are too hectic.

There were critics to these methods of spreading information who believed that it was implanting ideas into the heads of Americans and Russians that would get them thinking more about the possibility of war. I enjoyed viewing The Atomic CafeГ© because it showed more of the effects of propaganda during the era of the A-bomb. There were many film clips of dancing, cheering and lots of uplifting music that I can understand lifting citizens spirits during a time where many lived in fear.

The first hand testimonies that I enjoyed in owe media was meant to positively alter a persons opinion on nuclear weapons. It’s also important to note that the film pokes fun of the propaganda used at this time without altering it in anyway. The ending was also effective because throughout the film, you are persuaded that the bomb is a positive thing and then it explodes and you are left with your own reaction to determine for yourself if you were prepared or caught off-guard from the explosion, Just as anyone from this time period had to determine.

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