Tennessee Williams Quote

We’re all sentenced to solitary confinement inside our own skins, for life. ” Tennessee Williams is stating that no matter how much you change on the outside, you will always be the same on the inside. Williams is also trying to state that no matter how hard it is to live with a disorder or a bad memory; people must learn to live on with that bad memory throughout the rest of their live. For example, when a witness from a crime scene gets hunted down by the culprit, the witness is put into the witness protection program.

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Another example of this quote in everyday life is regret. If everybody we alike one another there would be no uniqueness in the world. The witness protection program clearly shows the meaning of the quote. The witness protection program takes many precautions when trying to hide someone’s identity. No matter how hard they try to conceal their identity they only succeed in changing the outside appearance, but the memories of the crime scene will forever be remembered by the victim. Although people have a hard time accepting the past, today’s societies have learned how to move on and live with that memory.

Regret is one of the most powerful emotions that a human being can experience, and is a clear example of the quote. Regret is an emotion that everyone feels, and it is an emotion that the human society has learned to live with. Regret is felt when people feel helpless in a situation. In most cases, people feel regretful for an even that has occurred in the past, a clear example being 9/1 1 . The survivors of 9/1 1, at the time the event occurred, probably felt most regretful for not being able to help. Although some people still feel regretful over the event that took place 12 years ago, cost people have learned to move on.

This is the idea that Williams is trying to portray through the quote. People look for ways to hide themselves from the world. The witness protection program hides their true appearance from people, but it will never change the person on the inside. Our emotions, mainly regret, show the meaning of this quote. Regret is an emotion that everyone experiences and it is also an emotion that everyone must learn to live with. Not everyone is perfect, that is the idea in which Tennessee Williams is trying to portray through the quote. Tennessee Williams Quote By Ralph-Patrick-Co

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