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synthesis essay BY pdiddY7676 Presidential elections have been going on in our county for hundreds of years. Most of them took place before television even existed. Television was invented witch color in the early 1960’s and that is when the first televised presidential debate took place (document D). Presidential debates, from the start have always been a pretty big hit on the television but ever since 1988, the debates ratings have been below 40. I think that this is because more interesting television programs have come out and eople got tired of watching debates.

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Television is very important to presidential elections because most people would not travel all the way to a far away city Just to see a speech and then go home, rather, they can see the whole thing from their television. Even though the ratings have gone down, they still pose a great help to those who want to see it but cannot travel that far. Dr. Stanton says that television has kept us close to those in Washington, and that without it, we would not even know who our state representatives are and ho our governor is (document a).

This shows that without television, politics would be in the drain because the people who elected the representatives would not even know if it helped at all. Dr. Stanton is correct when he says that “large segments of the public have been given a new, immediate contact with the political events” (document a), it has been proven to help people with the elections and who they choose as the next president. “.. Debates have made the difference in the lection” (document c) this was said by John F.

Kennedy. He said that debates have made peoples decisions and have effectively won or lost presidential elections. Without television debates would not have been seen by all the Americans in the country but with television, it has helped people see what in essence wins or loses elections. Television has had a huge impact on whether or not people can see the debates which can help a candidate either win or lose the election.

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