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Through well thought out film techniques such as selection of detail, film language, structure, and verbal language, the documentary creates McDonald’s to be a monster, claiming it is the one to point he finger at when it comes to the obesity epidemic sweeping all developed countries. Welcome to McDonald’s. ” It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, most likely on more than one occasion. But for Americans, it is apparently used and heard way too often.

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Morgan Spurious, who directed the 2003 documentary Super Size Me, constructed versions of information to show that McDonald’s is the cause of America’s obesity epidemic, that McDonald’s manipulates consumers through advertising, and that McDonald’s has become an American way of life and part of its culture. It is through the use of film language, selection of detail and structure that these versions of reality are supported. The 2003 documentary, Super Size Me, directed by Morgan Spurious, provides both an entertaining and an enlightening insight into the multi-billion dollar fast food industry, namely McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is portrayed as an evil, menacing figure, as a dark, ugly mark on the social fabric of society, whose sole intention is not, in fact, the consumer’s well being as it used to be, but whose main purpose is simply to make a profit. Through careful use of various generic film techniques, the viewer is encouraged to perceive McDonald’s in a new light, as a plague that is sweeping the nation, and that it is solely to blame for America’s obesity epidemic. V Evil, multi-billion dollar fast food industry that does not care about the customer’s wellbeing.

McDonald’s. America is poisoning itself with this “toxic environment”, supported by its overwhelming visuals and statistics McDonald’s is the cause of this obese epidemic and America is blissfully unaware. McDonald’s manipulates its consumers through advertising, aimed at a very young age group. Now create your own and find evidence to support these statements. . “Everything is big in America. ” Right from the start, Spurious makes the viewer more than aware that America is the biggest nation, in more ways than one. They have big houses, big cars, and most of all, big people. Fat Bottom Girls” by Queen plays, and various images of obese men, women and children are shown. Straight away, you can clearly see that obesity is the problem. Morgan then goes on to explain that there is a driving force behind this problem of epic proportions, McDonald’s. We are taken on a Journey back in time, as it is explained how in the olden days, people would rarely eat fast food, instead enjoying healthy home cooked meals. Fast forward chain world wide. In fact over 72% of American’s eat at McDonald’s at least twice a week. The assumption is then made by the viewer that McDonald’s is right at the heart of the obesity epidemic. 2.

Spurious encourages his audience to believe McDonald’s has become a way of life ND part of America’s culture. The fast-forwarded footage of the entrances to different McDonald’s stores proves this with the immense number of people that walk through its doors. As this footage is played, the statistic that one in four people in America eat McDonald’s everyday is emphasized. By questioning Year One students, it was found that Ronald McDonald was the most easily recognizes face. From this, the film would have you believe that Ronald McDonald is more important and more a part of the children’s lives then Jesus Christ and the President of United

States, George Bush. The habit of adding the prefix “Ms” onto words has become a part of modern language, thanks to McDonald’s fast food outlets, where nearly every product begins with “Ms”. During and after Splotch’s first Super Sized meal in the film, he over-uses the common phrase for emphasis, saying that his “Eminence Fries” have given him a “Mustache”. Through this construction we are encouraged to see how much McDonald’s has become a part of life for Americans, sometimes without them even realizing it.

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