Summer Assingment

Summer Reading Project Journal Before: Prepare to read list Nickel and Dimmed Title- I would believe ” Nickel and Dimmed” stands for the amount and or wage per hour one person receives at work. “Nickel and Dimmed”, might mean a low salary or wage, considering the fact that is change. I could only infer that it will be a low amount of money. Possible themes – I can infer that by reading the title, poverty would be one of many major themes of this book. Also by reading “On (not) getting By in America could mean struggle and hardship.

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Ask questions- 1. I wonder what struggles and obstacles are going to come through out the story? 2. Judging by the book cover, what kind of problems and hardships she is going to have as working as a waiter? 3. Taken from the summary behind the book cover, I wonder how people live on a salary of 6 and 7 dollars an hour. Make predictions- Judging by the cover I can assume that she is going to be a waitress on a low minimum wage. Considering the fact that waitresses don’t get paid by the hour, they get paid by tip.

It looks like she is going to struggle paying bills and paying her house and or apartment with a salary like that. During: Question & Comments for each chapter/section Chapter 1 “Serving in Florida” I wonder why in Peg 25, she described all the workers who worked with her at “Hearths” they way they live, and their problems. Basically she described their background of their lifestyle in which they live on. I wonder why she described them. What caused the male server from the morning shifts to do triple shifts in a row, all the way around the clock?

I think that she can find a better Job than working in a “Jersey’s” asides that she used to work at “Hearths”. This is similar to the immigrants that come into the United States for a better life, yet they find themselves working twice as hard for a minimum wage Job Just like her. This is important because, they come here searching for better hopes and happier life and they find themselves doing double shifts to support their family and to pay bills.

What do they mean by “You get into a mode, you know, because everything has to move so fast. ” Does that mean you work faster? Or does it mean that you move at a pace. What I find confusing is, the fact that she was looking for Jobs when she moved to Key West, Florida, and she finds an apartment for 500 dollars a month. Yet she applied for many Jobs and did they did not answer back for three days. So she applied for a end of the month if she only has 3 weeks of pay and work, excluding groceries and work clothes.

What will happen next is that she is going to find a better place than the uncomfortable trailer she is in. Also, she will sooner or later find a second better job asides the one she already has in Jersey’s. I can relate to this because, it is hard to find a good paying Job, considering that I’m still a high school student, also she is experiencing how her and the co workers help each other out. For example when she looked at the poster in the apartment it said ” If you seek happiness for yourself you will never find it.

Only when you seek happiness for others will it come to you. ” That is an important aspect of life, helping others can also find happiness to you. Chapter 2 “Scrubbing in Maine” I wonder why she choose motel 6 as a temporary motel, besides the fact that she was surrounded by a Caucasian demographic society. What caused Rehiring to not tell her co- workers she was pregnant. I think that if she has to pay 200 instead of 120 on toll 6, she will eventually get kicked out of the motel because she can not afford to pay that much.

This is similar to many unemployed people that live from house to house and or apartments. Knowing that they have to work two or more Jobs in order to keep the family going. There for the struggle to survive in a low wage Job paying society is difficult. This is important because in order to keep their family in tact they have to support them with every day needs to get them through. Most of the minimum paid Jobs are hard work and exhausting involving hard labor for many hours in low pay.

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