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Money laundering and illegal banking: Destiny Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited [DMCSL] proclaims to be “a financial institution and registered on April 23, 2005 as a financial institution to provide new financial assistances of total tk. 100. 00 crore every year from 2011 to the Distributors of Destiny-2000 Ltd. to expand direct selling business and attain respectable earning capabilities. ” It was categorically mentioned by sources in the Ministry of Finance and Bangladesh Bank that, no such license to operate as financial institution or bank was ever issued in favor of Destiny Multipurpose Cooperative

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Society Limited on April 23, 2005 or even till November 21, 2011. It is easily understood that, Destiny Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited is illegally continuing to operate as a financial institution, while the matter has never been investigated either by the Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh Bank or the Anti Corruption Commission in Bangladesh. It is learnt from number of sources that, Destiny 2000 Limited maintains cadre of their own lobbyists within the Ministry of Finance and Bangladesh Bank and a number of Assistant Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries in the Ministry of Finance as well as some Deputy Governors and General

Managers at Bangladesh Bank are under monthly payroll of this MLM fraud racket. It is also learnt from various sources that, the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance as well as the Governor of Bangladesh Bank are mostly put into dark on such illegal activities of Destiny 2000 Limited and its illegal financial institution of bank named Destiny Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited, as a number of personal staffs of the Secretary of Ministry of Finance as well as the Governor of Bangladesh Bank are under permanent payroll of Muhammed Rafiqul Amin and his gang.

Cheating people with fake tree plantation project: Destiny Tree Plantation Limited is one of the most fraudulent enterprises of the dubious MLM Company Destiny 2000 Limited. Former chief of Bangladesh Army Lt. Gen. M. Harun-Ar Rashid is the chairman of this fraudulent Destiny Tree Plantation Limited, which claims to be “engaged in the plantation of trees on commercial basis all over the country. Till date the company has planted over 94 Lac [9. 4 million] trees on 6293 acres. The target is to raise the plantation number to 6 crore [60 million] by 2012. It is learnt that Destiny Tree Plantation Limited offered alluring “packages” to ts members and the people, where the company claims to possess 60,000 acres of land in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Destiny Tree Plantation Limited has already collected more than Tk. 65 thousand crore from the people by selling “packages” of the Destiny Tree Plantation Limited, though Destiny 2000 Limited or Destiny Tree Plantation Limited do not possess even a fraction of the claimed land in the country.

According to a number of sources inside Destiny 2000 Limited and Destiny Tree Plantation Limited, the company has already sold more than 120 million “tree packages” to the people, by giving false and fabricated information. In some cases,fake pictures of tree plantation were taken from Chittagong Hill Tract and Sundarban mangrove forest areas, to befool the prospective buyers of the “Tree Package”. “Muhammed Rafiqul Amin knows that the ‘Tree Package’ is a total fraud and he is continuing this trap to collect millions and billions ot a T ka trom the innocent people.

General Harun [the ex chief of army] will be ultimately made a scapegoat in this huge financial scam, when the Destiny 2000 Limited and Destiny Tree Plantation Limited will bust by end 2012″, said a Destiny source. “Muhammed Rafiqul Amin is using General Harun, by taking ull advantage of huge greed of this ex army chief. But, by the end of 2012, when Muhammed Rafiqul Amin and most of the directors of Destiny 2000 Limited and other enterprises of the MLM fraud racket will flee Bangladesh, General Harun will be the man in real trouble”, the source added.

It is believed by many that by continuing as one of the policymakers of the extremely fraudulent MLM racket, General Harun is not only putting his own integrity into serious doubts, he also is greatly tarnishing the excellent image of Bangladesh Armed Forces, as a large segment of the people are utting their money on projects of Destiny 2000 Limited seeing General M. Harun-Ar Rashid at the top most position in Destiny Tree Plantation Limited, as well as a few retired army officers in various positions in the fraudulent MLM Company.

It may be mentioned here that, Destiny 2000 Limited’s mastermind Muhammed Rafiqul Amin is a Canadian citizen, while a large number of directors of the board of the fraudulent MLM Company have already obtained immigration status in various countries such as Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Australia. Illegal insurance company: Destiny Life Insurance Company Limited is shown as one of the sister concerns of Destiny 2000 Limited at their website.

It is learnt that, shares of this company have already been sold amongst the members of Destiny 2000 Limited and Muhammed Rafiqul Amin and his gangs have cashed at least TK. 300 crore from selling of the shares of this life insurance company. On investigation it was revealed that, Destiny Life Insurance Company Limited does not have any license issued by the Bangladesh government for operating as an insurance company, while this MLM Company is allowed to publicly publicize this illegal company.

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