Success is Key; Failure is not an Option

Failure and success are a massive part of life. Everything that is done can be interpreted into being successful or a failure. Being successful meaner that the expectations that were given were either met or exceeded, whether it is in school, sports, work, etc. Failure, however, would be falling under the given expectations or standards, and Just not trying hard. My parent’s have high expectations for me that sometimes I feel like I cannot meet. Failure is not an option in their eyes, as many other parent’s. They expect me to work hard to achieve their expectations and to get what I want in life.

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Sometimes, I’m excited at first to work to get what I want. For example, in “One Last Time”, the author says “When we arrived I was frisky and ready to go… ” (Sotto). When work first started for him, he was excited and ready to learn new skills in order to be successful. I can relate to this because every time I try something new, I’m excited to do it at first but then farther down the line, once Vive been doing it for a while, it Just becomes routine and boring to me and my parent’s expect me to keep going. In “One Last Time”, Sotto says, that he would rather wear old clothes than go to work.

He is giving up on something that could one day help him to learn responsibility and discipline. My parent’s, expect me to get straight As and go to a US right out of high school. While, their intentions are for me to be successful, they also want me to follow in their footsteps. In “The Way to Rainy Mountain”, Mayday is following in his grandmother’s footsteps to find out if the story she told him is true. It says, “At the top of the ridge I caught sight of Devil’s Tower up thrust against the gray sky as if in the birth of time the core of the earth had broken through its crust and the motion of the oral begun.

There are things in nature that engender an awful quiet in the heart of man; Devil’s Tower is one of them” (Mayday). When he found Devil’s Tower, he was successful in finding out if the story his grandmother had told him was true or not. Similar, to this, my mom used to tell me that I will always be successful if I followed after something I believed in. Their notions of success and failure put a great amount of stress on me because I always feel like there is Just one expectation that they have that I Just cannot quite reach. School for instance, my parent’s want me to maintain a 4. G. P. A and get a full ride scholarship, I feel like this is an incredibly high expectation because if I don’t do just that, I will end up feeling like I failed at the task that was given. Overall, I believe that they have Just the right amount of expectations for me because there are only some that I have a hard time meeting but I do. Works Cited Mayday, N. Scott. “The Way To Rainy Mountain. ” The Blair Reader. 4th deed. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Laurie G. Serener, 2002. 36-41. Print. Laurie G. Sterner, 2002. 12-19. Print.

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