Staying human

The technology of humans will continue to be more advanced and used frequently. After every new invention, the next best thing will be coming after that. As humans, it is something that we will continue to work on; however, it will never overtake us as humans. It is part of our instincts to have interaction with one another no matter what we do. That is why, regardless of the technology, is will never completely consume us. According to Smith, “some of the software currently shaping their generation is unworthy of them.

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They deserve better. Personally I disagree with this point because the software can only open up our minds to new things, and make the world a much closer place. (For example, with the invention of Backbone, I have a foreign exchange student that used to go to my high school, and because of Backbone I am able to stay in touch with him. ) To me, it doesn’t seem like we are limiting ourselves at all with this new technology. It is expanding me to catch up with friends and family who are far away.

Madrigal also had a good point that Smith has not had the same social media experience as the regular person who she targets in her article. In Madrigal’s view, “Smith is a celebrity, so she can’t and won’t ever have a normal social media presence”. This is a very good point and can make Smith look like a hypocrite for judging other people when she cannot relate to them. Also Madrigal points out that she is a public figure so nothing she does on social media can be private. Smith argues, muff are who you appear on Backbone. Personally this statement is taken too far because it would be tough to find someone who cares more about their own inline appearance than their appearance and image when having interaction with other humans. Madrigal argues, “Our relationships with each other predate our relationship with Backbone”. There will always be a difference between Backbone and your human interaction. In Smith’s article, she criticizes us for using poor grammar and writing skills. A wall post written on to someone who passed away used poor grammar.

In Smith’s view, “They feel the same way as anyone would, they Just don’t have the language to express it. However Madrigal argues, “We have been expressing ourselves in ways like that forever”. I think that it is a good point that, as humans, we have made abbreviations and different types of slang, and it is Just an easier or faster way for us. Using slang is how a large amount of humans talk with all the people using different types of slang on all the social media sites. Madrigal writes, “Not the 20 million NAP listeners. But the other 300 million people trying to LOL their way through boring office Jobs or days in Iraq”.

This is a very good point that can show that Smith is above most of the people who are using slang on social media, and she can relate or understand why they use it. In conclusion technology, is shaping our lives in many ways and will continue to impact us in the future. However, the argument that we will start to live in a virtual around other humans and use the technology to better help us have human relationships with other friends and family who may live farther away. Backbone and other social media sites have helped make the world we live in a closer place.

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