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Fourth Q: 27 seconds left, JUST Prefer missed two overthrows in the last thirty seconds that could have tied or get ahead. Romeo- 2 out of 2 free throws in last seven seconds. FEE lead 62-59. JUST Marino scores a three-pointer to tie. FEE had 3 seconds to win the game. Romeo misses a contested three point shot from an isolation. 1st Overtime: Abdul scores in start of overtime. Garcia shoots a trey. Prefer put back, FEE Cruz and Bell both makes 2 out of 2 overthrows. Abdul ties the game with 2 overthrows, 2:19, 67-all. Mendoza scores a corner three, 2:04.

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Clark Battista scored a 3 pointer in the last 30 seconds seconds, 70-all. FIJI had another chance to win it with 20 seconds left. Romeo misses a contested three point shot from an isolation. 2nd overtime. 2nd overtime: Prefer earns 2 points- 72-60. FEE Mac Bell scores three straight. Tams 76-72 advantage. Abdul scores a foul counted drive. But misses overthrow. Marino Jumper and Abdul three point play. Tigers, 79-76. 32 seconds remaining. FEE scores quick 2. Mike dolomite. 78-79 for fee. 23 seconds remaining. JUST Battista losses ball.

But Karri Abdul blocked Mac bell’s game winning three-point try. Interviews: “As players Yen. Tit young humanity Kong making as Kantian, Young puss, young desire, piñata nail as game an ‘to. ” JUST coach paid Jardinière. “Is Karri kaki may gusting I-prove as serial Nina,” Jardinière said. “Last year adapt Asia dad nag MAP kayak Nagoya babying Nina talk LATA kayak EOT double-double “Last year we were second, now I’m trying my best to help this team be in the same position again and hopefully this time we can win a championship,” Abdul.

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