Soldiers of World War one?

The picture is making is acting upon the soldiers conscience to purport their country and creating their patriotism. Putting pressure on men suggesting that every soldier counts, putting them on the spot that they should be here. The tone is assertive and accusing suggesting shame if you’re not there, also the finger pointing at the middle gives the feeling of talking to the person directly, putting them on the spot. Not only were the men persuaded and lied by the propaganda but they were unprepared for the world war as shown in the statistics as 5-10 new recruits die every 1 experienced soldier.

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This shows that the new recruits were oblivious and had not enough training or experienced as the number of death is significantly higher than experienced soldiers. As in the gas attacks the experienced soldiers would know where to go, while the new recruits would go down to the ground the trenches where the gas would mostly sit. Mechanization and technology brought forth horrible and deadly new weapons such as submarines, tanks, machine guns, poison gas, very powerful bombs and projectiles, long-range artillery for example Big Bertha and airplanes.

Tanks were tightly cramped for space; submarines were not at all perfected and were very dangerous duty as were planes. In short, the art of killing was raised to a new level of efficiency by the introduction of these new weapons. Captain Dwelt says ” Rain of death” and “Riddled with bullets” to describe the world war one scenery. This source shows the tragic horrors of world war one as thousands of soldiers died going in lines across no man’s land as they were being shot at with bullets, this shows that scale of these horrors were huge and drastic.

The most feared attack however was the gas, as this was one of the most horrendous deaths for the victims. The victims coughed up their own lungs, this was the death of many new recruits who were inexperienced in war, it was a tragic death to many young men in world war one. Infantrymen used bolt-action rifles with dreaded bayonets fixed on the end of the barrel, pistols and hand grenades. Some light machine guns were also used by the infantry. “Uniforms were woolen and the server’s only protection was a enamel Tanat was more ornamental tan protective.

This is a quote from a website www. Historiographers. Co. UK. This shows again how unprepared the soldiers were for this, without resources or training, they were neither prepared mentally or physically. The cavalry with its dashingly magnificent horses and riders, colorful uniforms and beautifully crafted swords was essentially useless. Despite the heavy mechanization, a great percentage of war goods were moved by horse, mules etcetera on mostly unpaved roads, so the steeds of the cavalry were reduced to draught horses and beasts-of-burr.

Again this shows how naive and clueless the soldiers were, completely unprepared the soldiers were. This not good enough preparation of soldiers also had terrible mental effects on them after their traumatic experiences, causing cockleshell in soldiers. Shell-shock, also known as battle fatigue or combat fatigue and other war related psychological trauma ruined brave souls for life Just as badly as the mutilation from wounds and injuries. “Everyone had a ‘breaking point’: weak or strong, courageous or cowardly – AR frightened everyone witless” this is a quote from a soldiers diary from a website www. BC. Co. UK/history/Warrenton . It shows that cockleshell and post-traumatic stress, the psychological damage and injuries and effects were as dangerous and as common as the physical ones the soldiers suffered and were both as horrendous. To conclude life in world war one was a horrendous experience for many young and experienced soldiers, both sacrificing their life’s or living with the injuries both physical and psychological scars for the rest of their life’s.

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