Sociology: Coach Carter

Coach Carter and Sociology What is the study of sociology and why is it important? Sociology is the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. The study of sociology allows a person to become well informed citizens who are aware of the very complex nature of social life and differences in society (plashes. Newman. Such. UK). In the study of sociology there are three different sociological perspectives that allow a person to look at society and culture in a variety of ways.

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These three perspectives are symbolic interactions, functionalism, and conflict theory. Each one has their own specific meaning and importance in the research of society. The three perspectives, again, are symbolic interactions, functional analysis, and conflict theory. Symbolic interactions is the central idea that symbols are the key to understanding how we view the world and communicate with one another (Heinlein, 2012). Symbols can be as simple and green lights and red lights. Green nearness go and red nearness stop. Or another example is aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters.

Without this symbol it’d be like everyone was without family. Functional analysis is the central idea that society is a whole unit made up of interrelated parts that work together (Heinlein, 2012). When every part of society each fulfills their functions it becomes successful and is said to be in a “normal” state. Lastly, conflict theory refers to groups that are competing with one another for resources (Heinlein, 2012). For this assignment I chose to watch the movie Coach Carter. In the movie Ken Carter accepts a Job offer as a basketball coach at his old high school in Richmond, CA.

He soon finds that what the team has to offer is poor attitudes a dull play performance. Carter’s goal is to change both. Right off the bat, Carter sets a strict system which he has made into written contracts. These contracts included expectations of respectful behavior, a dress code, and good grades. The only way the players can play is if all expectations are met. At first the boys resist but soon go along with it and become an undefeated competitor in games. Carter soon finds that the too many of the players of this now overconfident team are performing poorly in class.

He takes action and cancels all team activity and locks the court until the team shows improvement in grades. His reason for doing so is to show the boys that their futures depend more on their performance in school rather than sports. At first the school, community, and team were outraged but Carter soon finds that his methods affect them in a positive manner. From the movie Coach Carter, I feel I am able to apply functionalism to it. Reason eyeing, the team came together and worked it out to become successful and achieve a goal.

At first they were rebellious but as time went on they came to realize that Carter was right. I see it as Carter being the government and the team being society. Without the government establishing rules, society would be chaotic and unrecognized. Coach Carter put his foot down and gave the expectations and rules Ana stuck to teem. Many AT ten community memoirs 010 not agree to any AT tons Duty that didn’t matter. He was the coach and he made that clear that he was going to aka this team a better group of not only players but more importantly, students.

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