Social Analysis

Social Analysis Paper Do we have enough doctors that are required to provide primary care for our societal population for the state of Texas, or for that matter the United States of America as a whole? Well according to Beech Aaron’s, (“Short-age of Doctors a Tough Fix” published August 22, 2013), no we do not. We fall well below the requirement for doctors to general population by far for various reasons. However, the major contributing factor simply boils down to money.

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States are investing millions of dollars to come up with a solution to the short-age of health care revisers, however, the only solutions being found are not permanent, they are only short term. The primary function of this article, which was found in the New York Times, was to inform the public of a past and current crisis going on in the medical community. Ms. Aaron’s published this article, originally in the Texas Tribune, to inform our society of what is becoming an issue for our country one state at a time.

The article was written from a neutral perspective with very little bias as an individual to make us aware of what will be a major epidemic before we know it. However, we are able to raw our own conclusions about what needs to be done on our part. The author is writing to inform us as the public to do what our meaner allow us to in order to help alleviate this issue. I strongly believe this article was written from a mess sociological point of view, which fits in with the social conflict theory.

A mess level group is an intermediate size, a large group. The Social Conflict theory is a theory that focuses on inequalities within society which believes that order is based upon wealth and power. The Social Conflict Theory also believes that the more empowered and wealthy will push their aloes and beliefs on those less fortunate. Opposes to this theory believe that decisions cannot be made objectively and the values to lead to unity are ignored within.

Even though it is only dealing with one state as the primary focus, it is one of the larger states in the country. The social conflict theory is being used for my analysis. A problem is being identified and preventative measures are attempting to be placed in order to divert a crisis from occurring. But not Just everyone has the capability of becoming a doctor. It requires many years of education, which comes UT too very costly amount in the ball park of 278,000 dollars.

In order to attend medical school, you need to have the financial ability which the average person does not have. So in a sense you could say only the privilege have the ability to become doctors. While there is still the ability to obtain grants, student loans and scholarships, there are still requirements that must be met. Not only is the issue of the individual’s financial capabilities a factor, but now it has turned into a state issue. The state of Texas has allotted millions of dollars to assist with the lack of primary lath care providers.

However a majority of that money is being used to help create residency positions for personnel, which is a requirement for students, but the residency itself has to be performed at an accredited program. But in order to become an accredited program, the facility itself has requirements it must meet and I chose this particular article for a few different reasons. As a parent I am really not too concerned with my own health care, but that of my children, and I am originally from the state of Texas and have considered going back there many times.

I also have an aunt who has spent many years, and know I see many dollars as well, becoming a doctor. But with medical issue in Texas, I am not quite sure I want my young ones to be in a location where there is the possibility of them not being able to receive medical attention if it is needed. Prior to reading this article, I was unaware of the issue our nation is having attempting to provide medical care for all of the citizens. Works Cited Aaron’s, Beech. “Shortage of Doctors Tough To Fix. “Editorial. New York Times. Texas Tribune, n. D. Web. 23 Gag. 2013.

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