Sleep and Ultimate Funny Moments

The Ultimate funny Moments I have a lot of funny things that has happened in my life really too many situations. From me peeing on myself when I was young, to my football pants ripping when I scored a touchdown my Junior year in high school. I look back on all of my situations now and Just laugh, because it’s not that serious to me no more. I have two favorite situations that have happened to me in my lifetime.

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One of my funniest situations is last weekend when I went back home to Memphis and my second funniest moment, s when I was sleep one night one of my homeboys put mustard in my hand and made me rub my face. My last but not least favorite moment is when my little brother scared my grandma by acting like a ghost. First, Last weekend on Seep. 14, 2013 me and some friends went back home to Memphis to go to the southern heritage classic. It was a very long and horrible, but funny weekend with my friends.

We had a wreck it may not seem funny, but the way it happen is, we was racing a car in a two lane zone trying to get over, but about time we tried to get over we couldn’t because of his car that stopped in front of us. We had Just left to get something to eat and all of my fries flew out of my hand and out the window into the car that was next to us. Next, when I went to my dad house in Detroit my friend had come over one night, and we turned up to welcome me back home, getting closer to the end of the night things starts to settle down, people started to leave and go home. I was one of the first people to fall asleep.

While I began to sleep everyone decided to play a prank on me just because I went to sleep first. My homeboy Kenneth put mustard inside the palm f my hand and somehow made me rub my face. I woke up the next morning and got a phone call from my cousin asked me, “did I clean my face yet? ” I’m thinking to myself “huh”. She finally told me to go look in the mirror and I had mustard on my face. Last, one day my little brother scared my grandma with a white sheet to go on a bed. She has gotten elderly so that what made the situation funny, he came out of the closet on her and made a scary noise from his Nintendo DES.

She actually ran through the house, so when he pulled the cover off my grandma told my little brother they were going to run away together from the ghost. ” In conclusion, despite of all the funny and crazy moments things funny continue to happen to me. It’s Just a part of life though; life wouldn’t be life if we didn’t have funny or sad things happen to us. I rather have funny things happen to me, like going back home and acting wild, having mustard put on my face, or even my little brother scaring my grandma. Everybody has had something funny happen to them whether it’s funny or not. Sleep and Ultimate Funny Moments By Chancellorship

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