Setting goals at HK disneyland

Setting Goals at Hong Kong Disneyland Based on the case study in the Business Communication Handbook, HIKE Disneyland has had its share of “growing pains. ” (1) Answer the following questions in complete sentences (no bullet points) in approximately three to four sentences each: With the mighty Disney name associated with the theme park, would you say that the company’s goals are “ethically sound? ” How do you respond to complaints from guests about disregarding “customers’ safety?

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Or to the low morale of employees (cast members) who say they are overworked and underpaid? Is Disney’s motivation purely a financial one? (2) Will Disney’s goals to make HIKE Disneyland successful (like its Tokyo counterpart) require the enlistment of support from others? If yes, who are these “others? ” (3) Does HIKE Disneyland “stand a reasonable chance, given the internal and external competitive environment,” as well as the cultural environment, of becoming successful? ) Obviously, from an international standpoint, Disney wants to duplicate the success of its Tokyo operation (in terms of attendance, though Disney does not earn as much as it could because it is merely the licensor of that park), and avoid the ongoing struggles of Paris Disneyland (in which it is a 49% shareholder) with HIKE Disneyland. It shares a partnership with the Hong Kong government, and therefore, is accountable to it, as well as its own shareholders.

Answer the following questions in omelet sentences (no bullet points) in approximately three to four sentences apiece: What must Disney do next to take the park to the next level of profitability and popularity? How should HIKE Disneyland embrace more of the Chinese culture into its park and attractions? Similar to inviting 50,000 taxi drivers to the park for free – as a way to build word-of-mouth advertising through the scabies – what other marketing efforts should be developed (come up with two)? Setting goals at HIKE Disneyland By diddles

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