Self perception

Been-Mime Self and Perception Paper 1 I perceive myself to be someone who makes friends very easily. I enjoy interacting with people from different cultures who can teach me something new. Vive always been one to have many friends around, but few good ones. If I had the chance to I would travel the world and try new things. I don’t like to do the same things over and over again because I get bored very easily. I love to try new restaurants, and go on crazy adventures. People who share similar interests as me are usually those that I surround myself with.

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My family has always played a strong role in my life because they are the only people that have always been there for me. Socially my biggest strength is that I can easily welcome all types of people into my life. My biggest weakness is that I haven’t been able to find a true friend that is honest with me. Although I perceive myself to be a social flower, finding true friends has been very difficult for me. Others say that my biggest quality is that I can be placed with any group of people despite the age difference, and I am able to communicate very well with them. Others believe that my biggest weakness in this area is maintaining a reined.

In a scale from 1-10 1 would rate myself as an 8 socially. My cultural teachings have always been a result for my personality. I am half French and half Colombian. In Colombia all my family is very outgoing and they love to have a great time. In fact, Colombia has the happiest people in the world. In France my other side of the family is very smart and they know a lot about different cultures. They love talking to people that come from other places and learning something new. Physically I perceive myself to be a healthy person. I enjoy taking care of myself and always trying to look decent.

I have a good self esteem, and try my best to always feel beautiful inside out. My strength is that I can make myself look great even when times aren’t going very well. I always try my best to perceive a strong image in order to feel good about myself. I believe my weakness to be the gym. I get very motivated into working out and then I’ll stop for a while. I hate working out alone and I tend to depend on others to come with me. Others perceive me to be a beautiful person inside out who never leaves her house without a smile on her face. Other people believe my weakness to be the fact that I have to depend on others to motivate myself.

In a scale from 1-10 1 would rate myself as a 6. I don’t have a low self-esteem, but I don’t have the highest self esteem either. My cultural teachings since I was a little girl were to never stop taking care of myself even when I had a boyfriend. When you look good, you feel good. Spiritually I perceive myself to be religious. I am a catholic who goes to church sometimes. Although I don’t go to church every Sunday, I try my best to pray and always thank god for all the beautiful things that he has given me. My strength is that is that I pray more when I am going to hard times then I do every other day.

Others live that my strength is that I motivate others to always be ambitious and talk to god. Others also believe my weakness to be the fact that I don’t go to church as much as I should. If I had to rate myself in a scale from 1-10, I would rate myself a 5. I believe to be a 5 because I consider myself to be neutral or somewhat religious. My cultural teachings have always included god. My family has influenced me to always ameliorate myself by looking up to god as my role model. Academically I perceive myself to be not so strong. When I like a class, I enjoy it and try my hardest to get the best grade possible.

If I don’t like the class I don’t try as hard to get a good grade. My strength is that if I like the class, I would probably be the student that tries and does the most. My weakness is that if I don’t understand the class I automatically assume that I don’t like the subject Just because I don’t understand it. Others perceive me as smart and organize when it comes to the classes I like, and lazy when I don’t like the subject. If I had to rate my self from a scale 1-10, I would say I’m a 6. Most of the time I choose the classes that I find interesting and therefore I pass them with a good grade.

But other classes like math, in which I have to take but I don’t necessarily like it I wont try as much. My cultural teachings were to always try my best and do good in school. My parent’s have always been on top of my grades, but they are also understanding when I say a class is difficult. 2. ) My self perception has always influenced my perception of others in many ways. Life has taught me to be ambitious and to always motivate myself. Vive learned from my mistakes, and I have also learned to always take mistakes as lessons. I learned to forgive others because I have made mistakes of my own as well.

I have learned that I loud influence others to do good by looking good myself. I always try to be open minded and find a way to elevate myself from certain situations. When I see others in specific situations I try my best to help them elevate themselves as well. I am very understanding with others because I try my best to place myself in their positions as I wish sometimes that others could place themselves in mine. Vive learned to treat people the way I would like to be treated and to always be fair to others same way I want others to be fair to me. My experiences have helped me understand what others have gone through without Judging them. A major experience that influenced my perception of others has been stereotyping. As hard as I try, sometimes I place people into categories without even noticing. I had an experience with a girl that was in my math class last semester. Last semester, I would make fun of a girl everyday in math class with my other friend. We were annoyed many times because she would always ask “stupid” questions. Everyday she would walk into class with her rolling back pack, and a horrible outfit. In class she never bayed attention and was always loud. One day, class was canceled and I was sitting down downstairs eating for my next class.

That girl came to sit next to me to ask me if I could help her with the test next class. As we started speaking she told me a terrible story that had happened to her. She had been raped by her father when she was young, and she had also been raped my her grandfather after he took custody of her. Her mother went to prison as well because she knew about the rape. As she told me her story I multiple personality disorder and has attempted to suicide herself 3 times. She has also be made fun of my others because of her looks, which had lead her to be very insecure about herself.

After she told me her story I realized how wrong I was for stereotyping her, and I promised myself to never Judge a book by its cover again. 4. ) I have taken various steps to increase perceptual accuracy in that particular situation. One of the major aspects that I learned was perceptual checking, which helped me understand other people and their message more accurately. By observing others behaviors, describing to myself what I observed, suggest possible interpretations, and seeking an explanation has helped me understand others and their situation. I learned to be less defensive and listen to others.

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