Seeing the Strange in the Familiar

We go to school to learn and study. What’s strange is why we still have to study things that can’t be applied to our everyday lives. Like in math, why do we have to study X and Y when it wouldn’t be applied in real life. It’s not like we’re going to buy in the department store and the cashier would say this cabbage price is xx – y. That would be ridiculous. We can’t apply that to our daily lives. So why do we have to study such things.

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When guys flirt with a million of girls some would say he’s cool, an alpha guy, a layer and some women even praise him for that or he can get away with the issue easily but when girls flirt with a million of guys people would say she’s a slut or easy and people would call her different types of names. Or when a guy has a scar on his face people would say he looks hot in that scar but when a girl has a scar people would say that looks awful. When a woman does not have a boyfriend she will be called choosy or waiting for the right man but when a man does not have a girlfriend he will be called a looser.

When a woman excels academically she will be called mart and hardworking but when a man excels he will be called geek. When a woman is not socially outgoing she’s conservative or sweet but when a man is not socially outgoing then he’s a looser or creepy. When a girl cries then she’s a victim of something that hurt her but when a guy cries then he’s weak. When a girl bullies a guy it will be k, but when a guy bullies a girl he will have a threat of assault. Guys find lesbians hot and gay men gross. Tattoos are k on men but not women.

Guys who are aggressive are normal; girls who are aggressive are crazy. When guys go out shirtless it would be okay but when girls go out shirtless she’s a slut. When a guy dates a woman who is younger than him it would look okay, but when a girl dates a guy younger than her we sometimes react like “Child Abuse”. Some people would think their relationship wouldn’t last because of the great age gap. But at the end of the day age wouldn’t matter in love. When it comes to cheating, when a woman cheats people would make excuses for her. The common excuse for women cheating is because for emotional reasons.

It may be true but when man cheats he will be called hundreds of names under the sun. A lot of times there’s nothing wrong with men who are in their ass but still single and not trying to get married but when women are in there ass and still single, people would call her old maiden. Society makes it seem like if a woman isn’t married by her early ass, then something is wrong and the whole purpose of a woman existing is to get married. You can see how strange these things are but we can see it everywhere. Seeing the Strange in the Familiar By recallable-galas

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