Sec midnight

It was midnight. Darkness was covering perfectly the unconquered nature. The street was so silent that the only things I could hear were the wind whistling outside the window and the car engine rumbling. I looked at the side mirror of the taxi. No one was driving behind me. The feeling of loneliness made me feel so uncomfortable that I deselected to speed up this old intricate machine. My last trip to this rural area has made me trap on this deserted street and I had no choice but continued this Journey to get back.

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The street lights were broken here and there, left the street in darkness and mystery silence. The car front lights were so weak that they could not give me any clear images of the road in front. I started to fidget, slightly moved my body up and down from the seat to relax from sitting in a fixed position for hours. Turning on the radio, I tried to find any programmers that could help me escape from the fright. Unfortunately, the only one that was still on was the breaking news from this evening incident. “… The taxi driver was driving alone on Street 95 when he was attacked by he murderer… I switched off the radio, concentrated on the spot of light ahead. Sweat was running down my strained face, drop by drop. My hands moved around the rudder, holding it tightly. My taxi came nearer to the weak light spot in front and when I got there, I realized it was a taxi-stand. Standing inside was a stranger. When he saw my taxi, he hurriedly stepped into the middle of the street and held up his hand to stop me. ‘Taxi? Asked the stranger. Valiance? My mind was full with lots of thoughts. Should I let the man in? I also traveled to Valiance but the news… Get in,’ I said while opening the door for him. He sat beside me, seemed to be very glad after waiting for too long. He severally turned to look at me but I still kept my eyes on the road, hoping that this trip would soon end. Suddenly, the stranger looked at me without an eyes’ blink and his right hand kept touching and finding something in his coat. For a second, I was freezing. The news came back to my mind, sharply and clearly like a knife threatened me to death. Could not control my fear anymore, I turned the taxi into another direction.

Then, I slowed down, gazed at the stranger while my hand kept searching for the mobile phone which was ready to call the police. ‘Stop! ‘ The stranger screamed, made me so freak out that I deselected and accelerated as much as I could. When we were near the destination, the stranger cried out ‘Put me down here. ” I was so glad that I have reached that place and then, hurriedly drove off before he could do anything dangerous to me. Next time, I swear that I will not take any Journey by night like this. Sec 3 essay By Lee-Van

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