School Kills Creativity

Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”. Is it really true that most schools nowadays follow an educational system that discourages students from showing or developing the skills hidden inside them? Even if schools allow the establishment of organizations or clubs, those groups do not get as much support as they need. The educational system we follow focuses too much attention on molding students into becoming academic zombies while leaving no regard for their creative competitiveness.

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Try going for a trip around he world and witness how the same the hierarchy of subjects are in almost every country. Most countries value mathematics and language, while humanities and arts lie at the bottom. Universities designed a system wherein academics dominate our view of intelligence and the system of education in the elementary and secondary level is patterned with the requirements for university entrance. A lot of talented and skillful children do not realize that there is something special hidden and undeveloped inside them.

A child’s creative side could be manifested in many ways like music, arts, sports, and so on. Joining clubs or organizations is one way to nurture a child’s inborn skills. Our educational system includes MAPLE in the curriculum in order to develop the student’s multiple intelligences but these subjects are only regarded as the minor ones. Most students do not give enough attention to these subjects because they are already tied up with Math, Science, History and so on.

School administrators believe that doing things like singing, dancing, drawing and other extracurricular activities would not get us a Job, even some parent’s believe that. But the truth is that knowing your country’s history, solving every mathematical robber presented to you and memorizing the periodic table would not land you into a Job either. Though academic competence could get you accepted in a top university where you could get a degree, colleges also look into the child’s potentials, those potentials that could be used in making their community productive.

Educators should not only focus in molding the students into becoming academic stereotypes and set aside their inborn capabilities. An educational institution should give way for the student’s creative part so that their minds are not the only ones nurtured but also their souls. In doing this, they have to give equal regard for each subject taught in the institution and give adequate support to the established organization and clubs.

The things we acquire from the years spent studying would equip us with the right knowledge to accomplish the responsibilities that will come with the career we have chosen, but in finding the right approach on how to do it lies with the ability to make creative decisions in order to accomplish the Job smoothly. We have to strike a balance between academics and extracurricular activities in order to get through life. School Kills Creativity By snapdragons

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