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One paragon of ignoring the authority is Nag Lee, the prestigious Chinese- born American director. In 2009, Nag Lee planned to direct the movie, Life of P’, which was adapted from the novel of the same name written by Yawn Marvel. The novel near rated a fantastic story of P’, the protagonist, who survived on a sinking freighter on the e way from India to Canada and who spent 227 days on the boundless ocean with Huh angry, a Bengal Tiger.

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Because of its bizarre plot, the novel was considered impossible to be made into a film. Soon, Lee received counterspies from authoritative predecessor Or’s and distinguished film critics. Certainly, nobody was will to support his innovative idea. Nevertheless, Lee persistently persuaded 20th Century Fox to invest $120 million n and heavily relied on AD special effects in post- production. Also, different from the other directors, Lee explored the artistic horizon of applying AD effects.

In 2012, when it first came to the audience, Life of Pi immediate Ely received international acclaim and in January 2013, Life of Pi earned 11 Academy Award nominations and won Nag Lee the 85th Oscar Best Director. Without Lee’s court age to challenge the majority, he would never access the enviable achievement. Admittedly, success covers a multitude of blunders. We can be inspired a lot from the experience of Coco Channel, the French fashion designer who started the Fashion rev elution in 20th century.

In 1910, Coco Channel opened her first boutique named Chance I Modes in Paris and made a living only by selling her millinery creation. Although SSH e had great enthusiasm for designing clothes, as a young lady, Coco faced supreme d faultily engaging in commerce. Gradually, because of her inborn talent, her products were appreciated by trendy women. However, in asses, at the beginning of World Wa II, Channel was forced to close her shops, convincing that it was not a time for fashion n.

All her success suddenly crumbled to dust and it was undoubtedly a hard time for Coco to overcome. Nevertheless, in 1954, she came back to Paris and staged a seta KC. Due to her succinct but comfortable style, her products, such as Little Black Dress and Sailor Pants, soon captured women’s heart and were greeted by Vague magazine as the New Uniform of modern women. Tough as Coco’s experience was, it was exactly y her obstacle that became the catalyst to stimulate her potential and help her event Lully achieve greatness.

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